Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, I have been very busy today, I have been to the hair salon, getting my hair trimmed, not cut, just trimmed, I cannot let my sister win her bet, that I can't grow long hair!! I went to the supply store for a couple of scents that I was out of, I went to cvs, and bought hair color and frosting, (glutton for punishment!!) Hopefully if it is screwed up, I can go to the girls and they can fix it??!! hopefully, it's not screwed up yet!! BUT, I must be really desparate for a change, cuz I recruited hubby, to pull the strands of hair out, for the frosting, I think he was triny to pick my brain, and see if there was anything there!! lol

I have some work to do on the website tonite, the sale is ending, when I go to bed, and I am aggravated at the 2 local places I go to, as I can't get the scents I want, and have on my website, so now i'll have to re-do my scent list! WHich totally pisses me off, it's not I DON'T spend a lot of money in thier shops, I say I spend to much in their shops, and I can easily order my stuff on-line, but I choose to buy locally, for a reason! yeah, I'm a little gripey tonite.

So after midnit tonite, I will be starting my quit smoking task, not sure how this will go, I have cut back trememdously, (yeah its spelled wrong, I'm to lazy to backspace!). But it is still going to be a challenge!! You might want to start prayer requests for my husband! and most likely, my co-workers!! I have tried before, with no results, but I have to make this a priority.

The Sampler boxes go on sale tomarrow, this is no April fool's joke!! so if you are interested in getting a box, go to the button, on the left side of my blog, and click and you are on your way to your own Sampler box!!

Well, thats all for tonite, I have to finish making candles for some girl's I work with, yeah, I have been soliciting at work, which a major no-no, but I don't care. It's business, and I am not going to pass on a chance to make a few extra bucks!! Have a good evening!



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