Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Okay I know it been a few days since I have wrote anything, and tonite is going to be short and simple, as I have to be up at 5 am to get ready for work!!

Just an update, I did revise the scent list over on the website, and I have put some jars on sale, due to the fact, that once they are gone, those jars will not be offered anymore. I am in the process of ordering more jars, and am hoping to get the order placed by the end of the week, along with the new votive/tart wax I plan on using, after I test to make sure I like it.

The old pillar palm wax I was using, and still am using, until I test the new stuff, isn't "calling " out to me anymore. I am not as hyped up about it as I was when I first started using it. So, once everything has been ordered, and tested, new pictures will be put up on the website.

Chec out the scent list, and see if there is a scent missing, or that you'd like to see, one scent that I am definately ordering is the "maple syrup", my girlfriend who also makes candles, order it, and oh my does that smell yummy!!

My scents of choice, are the fall/christmas scents, I try burning those scents all year round, as I am not big on florals, or perfumes, though I do like "musky" scents, probably because if I do wear perfume, I always buy the "jovan musk". I also like "food/bakery scents, I am real fond of "creme brulee" and "birthday cake"....hmmm, anyone else getting hungry for some snack food, right about now??

Well, thats it for tonite, I will be off Thursday & Friday, so I'll chat then!!

See Ya!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, today I had a day off, which I spent doing nothing! well, not really nothing, I did do some laundry, and do the dishes, I also went to tan, I don't want to be lookin all pale for South Carolina in the next few weeks!! I managed to fix supper, and oh yeah, I made a mini-video!! How cool was that!?? Not long enough though, I'll have 3 days off in a row, after tomarrow, and I will work on something else, maybe re-do the one I have up there now!

So last week, was a really crappy week, work sucked, cramping started, (mother evil)! and I just couldn't wait for the week to be over, I had to work 12 hours on Easter, and it was nuts at the nursing home, so I'll be enjoying these 3 days!!

I plan on working on the website, adding some new scents, and putting things on sale, I might try to bite off more than I can chew, but, I need the challenge, and I need to get more confident, in my ability to work on my website by myself, than always contacting "support" at DIY!!

I have offered my services to a really nice lady, I am hoping she gets in touch with me, I need to be challenged more!! My life needs chaos, clutter, craziness, and all the wacky stuff!! With out that, you might not get to know the real me!! and you might just think, I am some boring person!! lol!!

Look for some changes coming from me, not real soon, I might wait for any major changes after we get back from vaction, but who knows, I may sneek some in before we leave!! I can't wait, for the sun, the sand, and the roaring of Harley Davidson's, and just relaxing with my husband, and brother & sis-in law!!

So, i'll close for tonite, I have to pack lunch for tomarrow, and get my scrubs laid out, and watch without a trace, so have a great nite, whats left of it, and i'll be back on thursday!!

See YA


I'm getting creative!!


Out of the Box Sampler Reviews

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So, today, I am going to post my reviews for the Out of the Box Sampler!! I am so excited I can do this again this month!! Like I have said before, I have been a contributor since last October, and never had the chance, or extra money to buy the box, so now that I am addicted, I will be doing reviews every chance I get!! So here are my reviews, in no particular order.

SBS Teas: First off, there were 2 chocolate candies in this package, that hubby took right away, along with the Pirouline Strawberry rolled wafers, (he assured me they were very good!) but I recieved a Japanese Cherry Sachet, Tropical Cyclone Sachet, and loose leaf tea, in Maple Cream. Plus a coupon for 15% off. Thank you Very Much!!

Rhoda Rose- I recieved a chocolate covered pretzel, hubby said that was also very good!!

Meg's Creations- Two cookies, 1 was white chocolate cranberry, and the other was a snickerdoodle cookie, plus a a 10% off coupon.

Betty Mae Bakery- I recieved a sugar cookie, shaped like an Easter Egg. Hubby must have taken that one to work with him this morning, because it was gone when I woke up!!
Betty Mae Artistry- I recieved a cute Easter card. Thank you very much!!

Sweet Lolli Pop Shop- A lemon lollipop, shaped like a duck, I also noticed this was also gone this morning. Very cute.

Ugly Duckling Designs- Cinnamon Vanilla crumb tarts, packaged in a shape of a carrot. Very Cute!! I'm thinking Michelle needs to send me info on where to purchase these!! lol

Gifted Nature- I recieved a very cute candle, the scent was Buttercreme, I love Buttercreme. Thanks Alot!!

Sweet Creek Herbals- I recieved a cucumber swirl face soap, packaged nicely, and smelled great!!

Log Cabin Crafters- a very pretty necklace, and a 10% off coupon. I orignally thought it was a bookmark, and I am very grateful that this was brought to my attention, and that I was able to make it right!! Thanks a lot!

Thank You Gifts- I recieved a Aqua Tropical Starfish, and a 10% off coupon!! Smelled Great!

Kreations By Kathy- Raspberry-Lemonade mini tarts, smelled wonderful, I would have never thought to mix the two, but it works!! and a 15% off coupon.

Silicone Bulb Shop- A nice silicone bulb scented in Cinnabun, and a 10% off coupon. Thanks!!

Strawberry Fields- I recieved a Cantaloupe-Coconut soy melts, at first glance I thought what a strange combo, but when I finally got the packaged open, I was pleasantly surprised. Nice Job. I too was hoping for the carpet sprinkles again!! lol

Polka Dot Candle Shop- I recieved a Votive, in the scent Vanilla Bean, I do believe, I recieved this one last month, and because I'm not big on Vanilla, I will be giving this one to my girlfriend who helped me do the reviews from last month's box, since she took the last one!!

Rustic Candles- Chocolate-Raspberry, heart shaped tart, another strange combo, but it smelled great!!

Little Macs- Jelly Bean Tarts!! in Lemon drop, Hershey's Chocolate, Cherry, & Summer Creamsickle. I liked these a lot!! Thanks Chris & Wendy!!

Lux Spa- Pumpkin Pie/Roll Tart- WOW! Smelled AWESOME!! and a 10% off coupon. Thanks!!

Well there you have it my reviews!! These Companies are Awesome!! If you haven't had the chance to order your own box, go over to http://www.outoftheboxsampler/ and get you one for next month!! Michelle will let you all know, when they go on sale!! I won't be contributing for the month of May, since we will be leaving in a few weeks for Vacation, I didn't want to stress myself out toooo much!! But I will be buying my box before I leave for Vacation!!


Finally!! I can BLOG!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey there, in blogger-world! Hope your Saturday is going well, today so far has been great, weather wise, I won't be able to say that come Monday and Tuesday, we are suppose to get snow, and dip back into the high 20's, low 30's!! Today it is 60 out.

Well, I got up this morning, and after I finished up some light house cleaning, and took a shower, I made my way to the post office, was looking forward to mailing out a package, and recieving one!!, neither happened, I guess, I had a major BRAIN-FART, and looked at the clock wrong, I was 10 minutes too late! I was bumming, bad!!

I went to a local candle supplier, and bought a few things, that I ran out of, and I now have to do some candles for girl's that I work with, this past week, they have kept me very busy, believe me, I am not complaining, well, maybe a little, when I get home from work, I really don't want to do anything, like cook supper, make candles, I just want to relax, the supper thing, I think hubby FINALLY got the hint!! I didn't cook at all last week!! yeah!

So I am trying to decide for my candle business, if I want to change my pillar wax, I like the feathered look, but then again, some things I do with that wax, if the mold I'musing has a lot of detail, just doesn't show up as well, because of the feathered look, so I'm deciding, I may not make any major decisions until we return from our vacation in May.

I am also, doing away with one of the jars I carry on the website, and I may discontinue a couple others, I think I want to go the Apothecary jar route, and the mason jar route, which means the Victorian jars, will probably be discounted by the end of this weekend, or next weekend, just depends on what I am feeling here. I have a lot of decions to make in the next couple of weeks!! I hate making decisions!! Even if the question is "where do you want to go eat at??" I struggle, because its a decision!! I know I am totally WACKED!!

Well, if your looking for any Mother's Day gift ideas, why not try M-D Candles?? If you decide to order from us, please make sure we recieve your order by April 25th!! As we are leaving for vacation on May 8th, and won't be home to recieve orders for Mother's Day.

Alrighty, I am off of here, I feel the need to drive into town, and go tan, and to check on my husband, who has been gone since about 10 this morning, (he may be passed out somewhere!!) So have a great Saturday and I'll blog soon!!



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