Car Shopping is a #!#!#

Saturday, June 27, 2009

As all of you know, my car went up in smoke, literraly. (ya I know its spelled wrong!!) And now trying to find a vehicle is just impossible!! I was off yesterday and today, and of course, hubby worked yesterday and now TODAY!!! And I go back to work tomarrow, and I can't seem to find a happy medium!

I knew I would be looking for another vehicle, I paid the old one off, I had, had it since 2003, and I did promise it to my son, I thought it would be a good vehicle for his 1st car, it would have been paid for, and all he would have to worry about was keeping insurance on it, and of course maintenance, and gas in it. He was excited, because he would be able to find a job, and not depend on my parents to get him to where he needed to go, I think my parents were excited, that way they wouldn't have to give up their vehicles!

So I broke down and told him the bad news, he was BUMMED!! But then the next day, him and my Dad went to Terre Haute, IN for something and stopped at a few car lots, and that was kind of exciting for him, he did say if he heard this one salesman, go on 1 more time about how a vehicle had "cool, cool air conditioning" he was going to scream!! I told him, that is just one of a saleman's pitch, in order to sell a car, he said it was annoying as heck!! But it was funny to hear him go on and on about vehicles he liked, kind of reminded me how I was, and my brother was and probably how my sister was!! Like he was the first 16 year old to ever go car shopping.

Needless to say, I still feel kind of guilty, but then again, I am a mom, and wanted to do something nice for him, he is such a GOOD kid! I still wish he lived here with us, maybe soon, maybe after he graduates, right now he has a girlfriend, and of course, "girls rule"?? Really!!! I never had that much em-empowerment over a boy, at least not while I was a freshman! His girlfriend is a freshman, thats why I said that!!

So I have been on-line since last night, looking up whatever info I could at local dealers, and wherever I could go to find a vehicle, I know what I want, I don't want a car, I have compresion fractures in my back, so if a car sit toooo low, then it hurts my back, and since I have had my jeep, I sit up a little higher, and my back don't hurt, and I am not as nervous, passing a semi in an suv than what I was in a car! I have always wanted the older style of a Dodge Durango, I love that style, and I always here, you don't want one of those, the transmissions are crap, get a new style, they are more improved?? What?? Really?? I hate the new style of Durango's, I don't like how they look from the front, but then again, they have a HEMI!!! I don't really think I need that much power, it just seem like another way for me to get in trouble!!

Well, I had to take a break from searching the internet for cars, and I think I may go do some laundry, after a while on this machine, I feel like I am slighly cross-eyed!! As soon as I find a vehicle, I am going to take pictures and show you all what I got!! If I ever find anything, and if I can get my hubby to take me somewhere to even look, I would like to test drive the new camaro for shits and giggles!!



Can my day get any worse??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If reading yesterdays post made you think "oh my"!! and I'm sure it did, I am not one for holding back, I stated earlier when I first started my blog, that what you read basically is what you get, it may be about candles, or it may just be about my family, my job, or whatever! Yesterday you all got the low-down, on the current family situation, today, well, the last 24 hours have been a real joy!!

Saturday, my husband and our neighbor, put new rotars, brakes, drums for back of my jeep, and did an oil change, and changed the oil filter, which by the way took most of my day off Saturday to do, (they're men, they aren't very motivated), yesterday I noticed a noise on my way home from work coming from the front end, and said something to my husband, and that is pointless, because he's a floor guy, not a mechanic, and I must have been speaking every other language, except english, which at this point is understandable!!

Today, I went to a gas station, where they have actual mechanics, and they heard the noise, and said it was some sort of rod, and the only way that caould be fixed, was to get a new engine! GREAT!! Like I have extra money just laying around on my coffee table or up my butt, to be able to throw down $1000.00 and thats beign cheap, to buy a new engine, and thats including whatever I would be charged for time and labor, or anything else! The mechanic stated that "god knows when it will give out" GUESS WHAT???? 30 minutes later......... You guessed it, it blew up!! This is the same vehicle, I am suppose to give to my son, not likely to happen now, and I am trying very hard how to tell him, it will devastate him, just like it devasted me, to sit on the side of the road for 45 minutes trying to call my hubby, who was out in out garden, and left his phone in the truck!!

Does life get any better than this?? All my readers, basically just got a 2 for 2 Tuesday! How awesome of me to be able to give you quality entertainment! So now, I have to find a new vehicle, try to pick up more hours at work to help put a nice down payment on a vehicle, and I just got paid yesterday, and I am about broke!! WHats a girl to do??? Later I am locking myslef in the bathroom, with the cake I just made, and drown my sorrows in a bubble bath eating my cake!

And I just want to thank Linda, for some words of encouragement, Ohio is not a bad place to live, I am still getting used to it, and there are some days, I have to mapquest my rear end around to find out where to go!! Maybe by the time I have been here 5 years, I might have gotten a grip!!

See YA!



I have taken a little break from my blog, mainly because I didn't really have to much to say, about anyting, because I have been so dog tired from my day job, the humidity has been yucky, I swear one day last week I went in with curly hair becuase I did get a perm before we left for bike week, and 12 hours later, it was straight!! Literally!, and by the time I come home eat supper, check emails and do laundry and whatever else, I'm exhausted!

But now, I just have to vent..... I can only start out by syaing, "family, can't live with them and can't live without them"!! It all started this evening, when my son called, (remember, goof lives in Iniana with my parents) all upset, him and my mom were getting in to it, AGAIN....... and it really pinches a nerve with me, I understand, that my mom is still "hurt" because I moved here in 2006, but really when does it stop??? When I moved here, I moved here with my son, for us to have a fresh start, and to finally be out on my own with out family interference, but because I have been married several times, my mother has said that I am an unstable person. I say, I am a shit magnet for picking the wrong men!! I don't think is necessarlily means I am unstable!! I am happy to report, that after numerous failed attempts at marriage, I have found the prince that I have been searching for, and have manage to stay friends, with my last ex-husband, (the others I could care less for!!)

But back to my son, a 16 year old kid, can only listen to so much from his grandmother (who by the way is studying to become a Quaker minister), bad mouth his mom, and he finally has had enough, that my son defended his mother's honor! He was literally almostin tears tonite on the phone, I have been telling him since he left, that he can ALWAYS move back here, I never wanted him to leave. Its been hard not having him here on a daily basis with me, I have settled for Christmas breaks, Spring breaks, and a few weeks in the summer, and we are planning on him coming over around July 18th and staying with us, until after his birthday, but my mom is mad, because she wants him to play football, and if he comes here, he'll miss practice, and according to her, he won't be able to play. Which I think is a load of crap! I think she purposely sign s him up or wants him signed up for things, that way he can't come and visit! If you haven't noticed I am at the point, where I have had enough!

I gave my parent s guardianship of my son, for him to attend school there in Indiana, by no means did I give up my parental rights, there would be no way in hell that I ever would! I don't feel like she should be able to say whether or not he can be here. As you can tell, I have a lot on my mind tonite, part of me, wants to be able to have work everything out between my mother and my son, the other part, just wants to go to Indiana, pack his clothes and move him back TONITE!! But then that doesn't really solve anything does it?

For some reason, I feel like I have been on my mother's "control list", she is not like this with my brother, or my sister, well, I take that back, when my brother and his wife moved 25 minutes away, you would have thought they moved to ten buck two! I figured at the age of 36, (thats how old I was when I moved to Ohio) I felt like I was making the right decision, for my son and I, and as far as I am concerned it has been the right decision, the only bad decision, was not putting my foot down with my son, and telling him he couldn't move back, but then, I didn't want him to resent me.

I understand, that it was all new to him, we moved here he was 13, that is a rough age for any kid having to move from the only "home" he ever knew, start a new school, and try and make new friends, we moved here in August and by the first of November, he was back in Indiana!! But it also didn't help, with my parents, calling 2-3 times a day, crying and begging him to come back to Indiana! Since then, you would have thought that she has given birth to my son, that she is his mother and so on.......I guess I have been dis-owned, which is okay, I also think they blame me for my grandfather dying, he had cancer, the same cancer my mother was treated for a few months back, I guess they just thought I would stay in Indiana, and care for my grandfather, I talked to my grandfather about moving here, and he was okay with it, I am sure he worried about me, but he also knew I was making the right decision, getting away from the person who was hurting me the most, which was my mother! I guess, according to my mother, my brother and sister in law, think I am mad becuase they are friends with the same ex, I am friends with, and I am still not sure why that was brought up, I guess it's just her way of stirring the never-ending -pot of bullshit!!

Does anyone have a suggestions, advice, I'll take anything at this point. My family consists of my husband, son, my mother-in-law, and my brother and sister-in-law that lives in Florida, and I am good with that.. I guess if my other family members want to be a part of my life, they'll let me know!
I am done venting, I am now tired, I hope you have all enjoyed my rambalings this fine evening, I really didn't think it would be this long!! Though, I did have a lot built up!!


June Out of The Box Sampler Reviews

Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay, I'm a little late with getting my reviews out for the Sampler Box, but I have been working a lot more here lately at the nursing home, and its hard to get to the post office, when they close at 4 and I don't get off work till 7:15,, and that is on an extremely good day!! So below you will find my reviews, in no particular order:

1. Ugly Duckling Designs- A fudge brownie cake bite tart, it was so real looking, I almost ate it!! It smells wonderful!!

2. Stephanie's Serenity- I recieved a tart, the scent was "beach daisies" smells wonderful on cold throw, and bet it will smell wonderful, when I put it in my tart burner!

3. Strawberry Fields- I recieved a Blueberry Patch potpourri (i'm pretty sure I just misspelled that!) It was a nice size sample, and I could smell the blueberry through the bag!

4. Pure Body- I recieved a whipped gentle scrub, I can't wait to use this!

5. Luxspa- I recieved a soy tart in the scent "heaven" and 10% off coupon on my next purchase.

6. Tuxedo Enterprises- I recieved a nice size soap sample in the scent "rain" with free shipping on an order over $30.00 or more.

7. PurBliss- I recieved a candle in the scent "bupcake bliss" and it smelled great!

8. Rhoda Rose- I love getting samples from her!! I recieved a chocolate covered pretzel, and a white chocolate pretzel, and a Marshmellow treat on a stick, all of it was awesome!!

9.Cindysoylites- I haven't decided if what I recieved was a really tall votive, or a small pillar candle, I went to her website, but couldn't really tell, regardless, its a nice size sample, I couldn't tell what the scent was, and there was nothing on there saying what the scent was.

10. Rose Valley- I recieved a nice size sample of lemon-lime soap, and if I mention OOTB at checkout I get free shipping on all orders of $15 or more.

11. SWC Creations- I received a sample soap, in bananna coconut, I couldn't really smell it though.

12. Avendel Bath & Body- I recieved a VERY generous sample of "body polish" in lemongrass sage, to polish this body I would definatly need more!! lol

13 Monkey Tree Creations- a dryer bag, in lavender, this is pretty cool, and 25% off any purchase until July 09.

Well, thats what I recieved this month, and I'm pretty satisfied with everything I recieved. The Etailers who contribute to the Out of The Box Sampler, really aim to please, to potential buyers, and so you always know you are getting a great product each month!! And as always, Michelle does an awesome job at putting these boxes together and getting them shipped out. So until next months reviews, head on over to and go to "who's in the box" and visit these fine etailers!!


I'm back!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yep I'm back! I survived those long dreadful 12 hour shifts!! All 5 days worth, note to self, never to it again!! By the time Monday came around, I was literally dead on my feet!! and spent most of my day off Tuesday sleeping!!, and miraculously, was able to be in bed that nite, by 12:30, after half a day of sleeping, so I guess, when I am tired, I'm tired!!

So I took that crazy video of Joe Jonas being extremely stupid off!! I must have been tired when I posted it, but in all honesty, it was funny at that time!

I just recieved my box from Out of The Box Sampler yesterday, and here in a little while, I'll post my reviews, if not tonite, then tomarrow, when I get home from work, I'm still going through the box, once again, Michelle did a great job!!

I was in the box this month, and I'm almost postive I signed up for July, and for August, I am the box sponsor!! whoo-hoo!! I'm STOKED!! I'm on a mission, to find something wonderful to ut in it for August, any suggestions??? I want to do a candle for the box in August, since here lately its been tarts, so I'm hoping.......

Well, off to review my box, and when I do, you'll all get the reviews!! Oh don't forget that the birthday sale, is still going on till the end of the month, 20% off your order!! What are you waiting for?? Get over to and look around!! and buy, buy, buy!!! lol!!

See YA!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey everyone how was your day?? Mine, well, it was a long 12 hours at work today, the nursing home was soooo muggy!! I kept going into the showeroom there, and standing in front of the AC with my shirt up, cuz it was soooooo hot! Seriously, Yep I did it!! Twice to as a matter of fact!!

So are you wondering how my 39th birthday went?? Well, it went good, my day consisted of me doing pretty much of nothing, web surfing, went to out local BMV and renewed my tags for my jeep, and then more of nothing!! Hubby fixed me a wonderful steak supper, (he is a god at the grill!!) He got me this wonderful card!!!......well, almost wonderful, on the front of this card it had love, written all over the front of it, a beautiful message on the inside of it, and plus a handwritten message from him, then, this really good I laid the card on the table, and just glanced at it again, and right there on the front it said " To My Husband", I looked again thinking I just didn't read it correctly, and nope I read it correctly!! I about died!! I immediately, got up went to get back on the computer, I had to get out of the living room cuz I was about ready to just burst out laughing!! (he was taking a shower), when he got out of the shower, he took our dog out, and I heard him come back in, and heard "What the hell!!" I could no longer contain it, I BUSTED!! I started asking questions, like "you could have told me you were gay" and "how long have you been in the closet??" and so on..... ALL HE was worried about, was if the cashier, where he bought the card, noticed the front!!

And the only reason I'm telling this, is because I know my sister-in-law will be reading this, who then will in turn tell her husband (which is my husband's brother) who wull in turn call and bust his ass sooooooooooooooo much!! lol!! I'm sitting here typing this, and literally have tears in my eyes from laughing!!! Dear hubby is working nights this week. So Sharon, tell Mark to call around 3 or 4 in the afternoon!! lmao!!!

Well, thats been my day today and birthday yesterday! Hope you are all laughing with me!!



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