Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, after a real, long, hectic day in 12 hour hell, I am beat!! My day started off with a very combative resident, so combative, that when I took my morning break, I decided to leave my cell phone in my jeep, I was kinda afraid, the man would hit my pocket and break my phone, and believe me, I have to have my phone, I mean, my dirty text, picture messages from my brother are very important, and at times insightful!! lol. In the meantime, I get off work, and check my phone, it says I have 3 text messages, and 3 voicemails!! I was excited, then I looked, and they were all from hubby!! This man, has not called me this much since we began dating!! Well, it turns out, the only reason he was calling, was he needed our insurance cards, that were in my purse, when I finally called him, I asked what was up, thinking maybe his cold had finally kicked his butt, and decided to go to urgent care to be seen by the doctor, WRONG!!! He decided today at work, he would cut himself with his carpet knife, (he lays carpet, tile and so on). bad enough they put 11 stitches in his fore-arm, and had to tie off 3 different veins, because they kept spurting out blood.

Here I am dog tired, and have to run by urgent care, which is kinda on the way home and kinda isn't, to take these insurance cards, I caught a glance at the bill, for him, for the local they gave him, and 11 stitches, its almost a $600.00 bill. Thank goodness for insurance!!

So if you have read my tag a few weeks back, that Heather sent me, you kinda know that my mother and I do not have a very good mother/daughter relationship since I moved to Ohio, and most of the time, they do not keep informed of anything that is important, uhmmm, like family, well please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers in the next few weeks, my mother has found out, that she has kidney cancer, and its about the size of a quarter, at first the doctors were not going to operate, and now have decided that on March 23rd, they will be removing 1/2 of her right kidney. Supposely, this is not suppose to be hereditary, but then again it's the same kind of cancer that my grandfather passed away of in January of 2007. I guess, they will be testing the kidney after removing it, and most likely, my brother, sister and I will all have to be tested, along with our mother's 2 sisters. So just please keep us in your thoughts, I would surley appreciate it!!

Well, thats my news for today, I have to finish making supper, this is the downfall of the 12 hour shifts, a late supper. I will chat at you all later. Remember to tell your friends and family about the awesome giveaway we are offering, somebody needs to beat HEATHER!!! lol!!



Lets Try a Giveaway??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So, today, I did not go to work, in fact at 3am this morning, I ended up calling off. I told you how hubby has been sick, well, guess what, I started running a temp. last night. At 2:30 this morning, I was deciding whether or not to call in, there were a lot of factors that kept tugging at me, the major one that almost made me decide to go into work, was I am in my 90 days probation period, and really they don't like it if you call in, but the deciding factor was the fact that I indeed had a temp. and when working in healthcare and dealing with the elderly, the last thing you want to do is pass it on to one of them, they have enough problems, and with the flu, pnumonia going around they just don't need it. I am sure I don't have what my hubby has, mine is more sinus, and sore throat, and all that, where his whole body aches, he's freezing, he's hot, I did offer to take him to urgent care, I said yesterday, he is stubborn!! So he just went and bought himself some dayquil & nightquil, I didn't have the heart to remind him, not all commercials actually were true.. I mean, dayquil & nightquil never helped me or anyone in my family, my son likes it, because he can fall asleep faster!! So, this morning I just laid around, and hubby decided once again to go to work, (he has a big flooring job he's doing) after he left I went to the dollar store and purchased some Clorox spray, and sprayed down our bed, and the living room, and the bathroom, to help kill his germs!! lol, well, he's more sick, so yes they are his germs!! The dog wasn't pleased with me, when I kicked him out of the kitchen to use the pine-sol on the floor, to also help with the disinfecting I was doing. Our dog licks everything, including the floors, so I guess the pine-sol and clorox didn't taste that good to him.. maybe it will cure him not to lick the carpet and leave all the wet spots on the floor!!

So while lounging around and trying to get my temp down today I was thinking that maybe I needed to have my first giveaway... And then I thought It would just be a waste of time, I don't really have a lot of followers, and I probably would end up drawing Heather's name out, not by choice, its just the fact she wins a lot of giveaways!!! She is by far the luckiest girl I know on those giveaways!! And to boot, she's just a plain NUT, (yes, I said nut!!) she'll leave a comment, just wait and see!! lol So then I figured, I'll do the giveaway, and so here are the rules to my giveaway:
1.Follow my blog, (if you already do, let me know) that will get you 2 entries. You have to leave a coment
2. Recruit other bloggers to follow along, (recruit 5 people) that will get you 5 have to leave a comment
3. If you are a new follower (recruited, and let me know who recruited you) that will get you 2 entries. You have to leave a comment
4. Go to my website, and go to the scent list page and suggest 1 scent you would like to see M-D candles carry. That will get you 2 entries. You have to leave a comment
5. Go to my website and sign my guestbook, that will get you 4 entries!! You have to leave a comment
6. Go to my website and place an order, that will get you 10 more entries! You have to leave a comment
Okay so thats a total of 25 entries!!
Wanna know what you will be playing for: Sure you do, you didn't really think I'd type all this up for nothin' did you??
Okay so the winner, will recieve $25.00 worth of products from M-D Candles, thats anything in the store, that totals $25.00.
I have wrote down, all of the current 16 followers, that way I can keep track of recruits, that have been recruited by you.
I will draw the lucky winner, on March 22nd, and will announce the winner later that evening. Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you. And GOOD LUCK!! Also remeber if you blog about our giveaway on your blog, you will also get an additional 10 entries!!
We moved the giveaway from March 15th to March 22nd, due to we added our giveaway to about 4 other blogs, and wanted to give everyone a chance to get in on this GREAT giveaway!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay, so I have had 3 days off in a row!! I was so happy!! All I did Saturday was not a darn thing, but catch up on sleep. This next weekend will be more of the same, starting tomarrow, I have 4 12 hour shifts in a row. I am a glutton for punishment!!

Yesterday, I surfed the web, on, I finished my samples for the Out Of The Box Sampler, and they should actually arrive on the day they are suppose to!! YEAH!!! and today, I made sure to get those samples sent out, up until 3pm today, I was still in my pj's. I love days like this.

Hubby is working nights for the next 2-3 days, which means, when I get home, I'll have to cook, tomarrow won't be bad, because it's the 1st day of the 4 days I work, but by Wednesday its going to be pb&j, unless hubby finishes early, then it will be on him!!

If you haven't noticed, I added a music player to the blog, and I am VERY happy to report, I did it on my own, though, I was quite tempted to email Heather or Jenn for help, I restrained!! But it took me almost 2 hours to figure it out!! Yes go ahead and laugh, I never said I was good at computers!! so this was a big deal for me, and my self-respect as a blogger.

Okay so for the month of March, I am having a sale on my website , it starts March 1st and ends March 31st. The sale is 15% off your order, and any orders of $50 or more will recieve free shipping!! So get your bums over there, and find something you like!!! you can sue this code to take advantage of the sale, code: mdblog.

Well, I hope you have had a great Monday!! Hubby was sick, I am not sure why he was going in, he had cold chills, then was burning up, it's not like he works for someone else, he is his own boss, but why stay home and not make money, I told him to go buy some over the counter medicine, but he is sooooo stubborn!! He literly never gets sick, since I have been with him, not once, maybe a headache he couldn't get rid of, but other than that nothin! Oh well, guess its good he is working nights and I'm on days, that way he won't give it to me.

So I am going to go and cook some supper, and chill out, and relax before I go to bed, 5 am is pretty rough for me, and I guess I get doggy duty, which means, I'll have to take out the dog here afterbit, what joy!! yes, I am being very sarcastic!! I will talk to you all soon, maybe tomarrow, or Wednesday, we'll see what the day brings for me at work!!



just joined another group

Sunday, February 22, 2009


crazy chics

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


crazy chics

So, I have been playing around on the computer 1/2 of the day now, and I wanted this badge on the side, and could figure how in the heck to get it there!! Oh well, whatcha gonna do??? So, if you all have noticed, Jenn done a fantastic job on the makeover, I get all excited when I log in and see it.

So if you have noticed my new badge, it all because of Sheila & Michelle!! These are 2 crazy chics! Between them both, I think they have a million websites, blogs, and so on!! hehe LOL, not really, but I bet by the end of their day, it feels like that. I couldn't even think of starting another business, I'm still learning about the one I have, let alone, trying to figure out all this blogger stuff, and facebook. and they are facebook too. Head on over to 2 Crazy Chic's and check them out, join them, it's FREE!!! what do you have to lose?? Nothing, but you can gain some information on business, and make A lot of new friends. Go check out those crazy ladies, and tell them Misty from M-D sent ya!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

So, I hope everyones Valentines Day, was romantic, and so on. Mine well lets just say, I have given hubby a few ideas for next year!! Keep in mind, I bought him a card, which was VERY romantic, I also got him some of those "pop rocks" in red hot cinnamon, bedroom use ya know!! hehe. then I bought him this "romantic get away kit, complete, with the bubble bath, which he won't use, massage oil, and so on.... see where I'm going with this scenario??? Goood I'm glad some of you are getting this. My present from him, was a nice Valentines card, and get this a box of swiss cake rolls!!! can you believe it??!! I'm still in well shock!! He knows it's my favorite down-fall, but he must have ignored me all week, when I made several statements about the current diet I am on, trying to lose the weight I gained by being off work since September. Then he took me to my favorite steakhouse, which is OUTBACK, and complained that we had to wait for 50 minutes for a table. I asked him "you do realize this is Valentines Day right??"

Any-hoo, like I said, I've given suggestions for next year's Valentines Day, and I probably should leave hints for our anniversary in May, or I might end up with the cheese puffs!!

As you can see, M-D's blog, is getting a makeover!! I have contacted Jenn at the Villiage Peddler, to make my blog HOT!! and I know she will, as long as her computer doesn't die!! so bear with the changes, I am soooooooo excited, she did my header and I just about went ape sh##, I just loved it sooo much, that I emailed her and told her I wanted theh whole thing done!!

As of this week, if you order from me off my website, I just wanted to let everyone know, that I will be shipping items out, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, due to my work schedule, and shince they are 12 hour shifts, there is no way I can get to the post office. I have my schedule kinda worked out that I work Mon.& Tues. then Thurs. & Fri. and so with that in mind, please be gentle!! Trust me, I didn't want to go back to Nursing, let alone 12 hour shifts, but this facility doesn't offer 8 hour shifts for the Nursing Staff.

Today I went and bought some new shoes, my nursing shoes I bought last year, just sucked, I guess they are more made for 8 hour shifts than 12, I bought a couple of new pants, mainly because as I washed my scrubs before putting them away after I quit my job, I re-washed them, when I got this one, and instead of the oxi-clean color boost being put in the washer, the iron out was put there instead!!! All I can say, it was part of the bad week I was having a couple of weeks back!!

So i'm getting ready for Lori, the personal stalker of Heather & I, to do a review and giveaway on her blog, I have to get the item to Lori to try out to review, and that will be sent out on Wednesday, and I will let Lori handle all the details on her blog when everything is ready to go. All I know, is this crazy chic, needs to quit tagging me!!! okay she tagged me once, and then she has given me 2 awards, that I will get put on the blog, when Jenn is done with the "makeover" but, her awards wants me to pass along, to other people, which is hard, because I don't know alot of other people. But will try my best to accomodate Lori, since she was sweet enough to give me 2 awards!!

Okay, so now I am going to get supper started, the "Amazing Race" and "Cold Case" are on tv tonite, so at least until 10pm, I'll be in front of the tube!! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I'll try to blog tomarrow, as long as I am not tooo tired from those darn 12 hour shifts!!



What WAS I Thinking!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alrighty then!!!, As some of you all know, as of Tuesday, I went back to work!! What was I thinking???, well, I was thinking I need the money, to feed my candle additictions, need NEW Harley wear, for Bike Week, in May, need to make 1 more payment, and my car will be offically paid off!! (thats the greatest feeling right there!!), that would actually give me more money for my candle addicition!! lol

Well let me tell you, on Monday nite, I took 2 tylenol pm's, because since I've not been working and staying up late most , ok majority of the time, either on the computer, or catching up with shows I've recorded on the DVR, I could not see myself going to bed and then getting up at 5am, for the alarm, to get ready for work, but after I took the tylenol pm, and let it kinda take its course, I emailed my CRAZY, and yes I said CRAZY, friend, Heather, who will most likely say that I was the one who was crazy, (my email must of been well long!!), and I'm sure it made no sense, seeing how she didn't even respond to my email, (maybe she thinks I took something a little stronger??) which would have helped if I had, at 2am Tuesday morning I am wide awake in my chair, unable to sleep, which is not good, cuz that damn alarm clock is going off at 5!!, I eventually get to sleep, get up, get showered, dressed and out the door!! for 12 hour shifts!!! yuckky!!!! I get to my new job, i'm excited, i'm nervous (probably why I couldn't sleep, NERVES), I clock in, I go to the board to find out where I am to report, THE BEHAVIOR WARD, which in my terms, is mental ward!! YEAH!!!! MEMORIES!!!, for 12 hours, I knew i would have to eventually train on this unit, I just figured it would most likely not be my 1st day! although, I did joke with a few of friends, that I would probably be there! (it was a joke, I actually didn't think the "big guy" up stairs would take my joking seriously!! As you can tell I survived. I did my 12 hours, I came home, dog ass tired!!, feet hurting like they have never hurt before, I for some insane reason thought my husband would take pity on me, and possibly cook supper, or suggest that we go out for supper (which I was hoping for), but, I ended up cooking!! and I was not in a good mood when I was done, let me tell you, while I was cooking, he was watching the simspons!! and then he was watching the food chanel, (Anthony Bourdain). I didn't have any trouble sleeping that night!!!
So then yesterday, I trained on a different unit, (evidently, if you have experience, you only get 1 day of oreintation on each unit), I survived that day, it was actually a good day, until I got 10 minutes from home, the weather here isn't bad, as far as snow, or anything like that, we were just having some issues, with tornado watches, 60 mph high winds, stuff I can handle, until I crossed over an intersection, and I could bearly get any further than that, I pulled off as far as my car would let me, it just seemed like it was being pulled or tugged on, I get out of my car, I start looking around, (like I have any idea what I'm looking for!), and find, that I have ran over and got all caught up in what looked like fish netting?? and from what I could tell, since it was dark, it was wrapped around my wheels, and my tail pipe!! YEAH!! I called my husband, he came out, and had to literally, get under my car and cut all this crap out, there must have been thousands of this crap, he took care of everything, (tho, he is not off the hook for my first day of work, by no means), he asked, "did you go off the side of the road??" answer no, this crap, was wrapped around both tires, both back axles, and tail pipe.. So I became a victim of our "high wind warning" and I was pissed off!! I am on the side of the road, there must have been over 75 cars that drove by, and none of them offered to see if I needed any help, and after my husband got there, still no one stopped, so needless to say, if your on the side of the road, I most likely won't stop anymore to see if you need help, it not like I am in the habit of doing that, but in weather like we were having, a friendly gesture would have been appreciated.

So today I am off, I go back in tomarrow, for my last orientation day, on a different unit, but for today, I am going to get caught up on some blog reading, and do some web surfing, and do a few candle orders, to ready to ship out on saturday, since I am off the weekends. So I have told you all about the last 2 days of my life, and I hope maybe you have found a little bit of humor, it took me awhile to find it, so I hope you got it right off the bat!! Happy Thursday!!



Tupperware giveaway

Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay that crazy girl from Willow Lakes Scent, is up to her you know what in reviews and giveaways again!! I wonder, does she ever slow down!! She is making me older, by the second!! But her latest giveaway is for TUPPERWARE!! whoop-whoop!!!

I didn't get my first set of tupperware until I was 37, I went to my sister-in-laws tupperware party she had.

Anyway, if you want in on this, just go to and that will take you there to read about the giveaway, and what you need to do to get some of this fantastic stuff.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

OK, so this past week has really sucked!! So I am hoping this next week is a tad bit better! On Monday I will besending out the giveaway items, (like I said, this past week has really sucked!) So the sale I was having on the website has ended, as of last night at midnite, I was hoping for a better response, but oh well.

In a few weeks, i'll be putting on another sale, and hopefully what I plan on doing will be better than this last one. I hope everybodys week went better!!

Hopefully next week I start my "new job" (yucky!!!) But its only 3 12 hour shifts a week, and best part NO WEEKENDS!!! I kinda hit the jackpot with that one. Hopefully things will go well there, and maybe pick up here. Isn't that how it always works??

If you hadn't had the chance to check out the new electric candle on the website, stop over and give it a look, the picture doesn't really do justice for it, I am a terrible picture taker, most of the times my pictures are people with no heads, I am not sure why, there can be nothing more simpler than taking a picture?? right??

Wel have a great weekend!! and maybe if your good, i'll be back tomarrow.... Don't forget to check out my facebook page.



I've been Tagged!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Okay, so that crazy chic, from Willow Lake Scents ( Heather), has tagged me!! for the life of me, I don't know why??? I haven't ever done nothing to her!!! so, GAME ON!! she'll be hearing about this on facebook later today!! hehe.

So I guess the rules are to say 25 things about yourself, that nobody knows, and then tag 5 people, well, I'm sure I won't have a problem with the 25 things, but forsure wll have issues, with the 5 people......thinking????....... Hoepfully by the time I'm done with the 25 things, maybe I'll have a clue, about the 5 people. so here goes it!

1. I was born and raised in Newport, Indiana

2. My son, who is 16 lives with my parents, in Indiana, (he hated it here in Ohio)

3. I so desire to have another child.

4. I will be 39 in June.

5. My husband is my 5th husband, (no, i'm not proud, but it is embarrassing!! I am a magnet for LOSERS, but this one is the real deal!!)

6. I lost the most important influence to me a year ago, (my grandfather, to kidney cancer)

7. Since I have not been working fulltime, since September, I have gained 15 pounds!! YUCK!! (just found out today, when I went to do my physical for my new job)

8. I love Miller lite beer, and strawberry margaritas.

9. I can drink a gallon of tea a day by myself (of course, I'm up half the nite peeing!!)

10. I have the high score on my cellphone, for Tetris!! ( I never liked the viedo game)

11. I rent an apartment until we get moved in to our new house. (which will hopefully be in the next 2 months)

12. I use to mix cherry vodka & Mt. dew for a mixed drink. (can't drink mt. dew anymore, mixed a little too much one nite!! didn't come up nicely either!!)

13. I have a habit of seeing the best in everyone!! (hence 5 husbands!!)

14. I have 2 tattoo's

15. I Love pizza!!!

16. I love to go shopping for shoes.

17. I bought my 1st pair of Levi jeans when I was 36 yrs. old!!

18. I have been a certified nursing assistant for 18 years, working mainly in nursing homes.

19. I am going back to work, next week!!! (sighing)

20. I am a total clean freak, didn't get that from my mother either!

21. I had a miscarriage in 2007 (hence wanting another baby)

22. Since I moved to Ohio, my mother and I don't get along. (states she will never come here to visit, because she wasn't the one that moved)

23. I LOVE riding on the back of my husbands Harley!!

24. My husband & I got married on the beach in South Carolina, during BIKE WEEK!!!

25. I am in the process of letting my hair grow long!! I haven't had long hair since high school, (graduated in 1989!!!!!)

Okay so thats 25 things about me. so is this interesting or what?? So now I have to tag 5 people, gee whiz, this is going to be hard, so I am going to resort to who is following my blog, since I really, don't know who else to tag, so please forgive me if your name comes up on my list of 5, I'm not being mean, or anything, its just I don't know that many people people since I only started bloggin last month!!

okay now for the people I've tagged!!! Remember its nothing personal, I just went to my followers for help!!
1. Michelle- of OUT OF THE BOX SAMPLER
2. Sheila- of the RUSTY ROOSTER
3. Lori- of THE DOWN'S GANG ( I read what you wrote about also stalking me, so TAG your it!!)
4. Teresa M- winner of the 8oz panel jar, through the giveaway at WILOOW LAKE SCENTS
5. Koopermom- A follower, plus I think she takes a good picture!!

Okay, so if you have been tagged, you need to list 25 things about yourself then tag 5 people. This time Heather of WILLOW LAKE'S SCENTS is off the hook-(this time around!)


Congratulations Winners!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

So we have 2 winners!! woo-hoo!! congratulations go to Valerie2350 & to Teresa M.

Valerie won the Electric candle, and Teresa M. won the 8oz. panel jar. as soon as I get info from Heather at Willow Lakes Scent, I'll start working on your prizes. (Heather is having computer spasams!! (those are always the worst!!)

I want to thank everyone for signing up for the contest, and also a big thank you if you chose to follow M-D's blog. It can be kind of quirky at times, but I think quirky is okay!!

And a big congrats to all the steelers fans!! Like I stated yesterday, I'm not big into football, but I did show my support on facebook, with Homer Simpson!! (he was dressed in a Steelers jersey!) lol!! like I siad yesterday, I have friends and family in or around Pittsburgh, and I don't know anyone personally from Arizona!!

Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Superbowl Day to everyone!! Hope your FAVORITE TEAMS WINS!! I am not a big football buff myself, I do try to follow the scores for the Indianapolis Colts, but I was born and raised in Vermillion County Indiana, so I kind stay loyal when it comes to a major team! But then again, we have no major baseball, so I keep tabs on the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS. (of course if Indiana would have a major ball team, i'd still choose STL CARDS!! But in the spirit of today big game, I did however put on my facebook profile a Homer Simpson decked out in the Steelers!! I have family and friends that live in PA, so I will be loyal to them.
So here is the picture of the dragonfly electric candle!! I was very good today and had my butt in gear, to make sure I had this up and on my website & here on blogger!! So I have had a pretty productive day!! Got this candle done and caught up on the laundry, of course, it is 7:42 in the evening and I am still in my PJ's!! I love days like this!!!
Hope you all like the dragonfly, let me know what you think, FEEDBACK is good! even if it's negative!
Well enjoy the football game if your watchin' it tonite! Hope you get your way! me, I will be going out to dinner shortly, and possibly having a few drinks to relax, (I am working with hubby Mon. & Tues.) okay so maybe a slight buzz would be good!!


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