Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Superbowl Day to everyone!! Hope your FAVORITE TEAMS WINS!! I am not a big football buff myself, I do try to follow the scores for the Indianapolis Colts, but I was born and raised in Vermillion County Indiana, so I kind stay loyal when it comes to a major team! But then again, we have no major baseball, so I keep tabs on the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS. (of course if Indiana would have a major ball team, i'd still choose STL CARDS!! But in the spirit of today big game, I did however put on my facebook profile a Homer Simpson decked out in the Steelers!! I have family and friends that live in PA, so I will be loyal to them.
So here is the picture of the dragonfly electric candle!! I was very good today and had my butt in gear, to make sure I had this up and on my website & here on blogger!! So I have had a pretty productive day!! Got this candle done and caught up on the laundry, of course, it is 7:42 in the evening and I am still in my PJ's!! I love days like this!!!
Hope you all like the dragonfly, let me know what you think, FEEDBACK is good! even if it's negative!
Well enjoy the football game if your watchin' it tonite! Hope you get your way! me, I will be going out to dinner shortly, and possibly having a few drinks to relax, (I am working with hubby Mon. & Tues.) okay so maybe a slight buzz would be good!!


Jenn February 1, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

The dragonfly looks great! Don't you love all day p.j. days! I had one of those yesturday!

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