Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, after a real, long, hectic day in 12 hour hell, I am beat!! My day started off with a very combative resident, so combative, that when I took my morning break, I decided to leave my cell phone in my jeep, I was kinda afraid, the man would hit my pocket and break my phone, and believe me, I have to have my phone, I mean, my dirty text, picture messages from my brother are very important, and at times insightful!! lol. In the meantime, I get off work, and check my phone, it says I have 3 text messages, and 3 voicemails!! I was excited, then I looked, and they were all from hubby!! This man, has not called me this much since we began dating!! Well, it turns out, the only reason he was calling, was he needed our insurance cards, that were in my purse, when I finally called him, I asked what was up, thinking maybe his cold had finally kicked his butt, and decided to go to urgent care to be seen by the doctor, WRONG!!! He decided today at work, he would cut himself with his carpet knife, (he lays carpet, tile and so on). bad enough they put 11 stitches in his fore-arm, and had to tie off 3 different veins, because they kept spurting out blood.

Here I am dog tired, and have to run by urgent care, which is kinda on the way home and kinda isn't, to take these insurance cards, I caught a glance at the bill, for him, for the local they gave him, and 11 stitches, its almost a $600.00 bill. Thank goodness for insurance!!

So if you have read my tag a few weeks back, that Heather sent me, you kinda know that my mother and I do not have a very good mother/daughter relationship since I moved to Ohio, and most of the time, they do not keep informed of anything that is important, uhmmm, like family, well please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers in the next few weeks, my mother has found out, that she has kidney cancer, and its about the size of a quarter, at first the doctors were not going to operate, and now have decided that on March 23rd, they will be removing 1/2 of her right kidney. Supposely, this is not suppose to be hereditary, but then again it's the same kind of cancer that my grandfather passed away of in January of 2007. I guess, they will be testing the kidney after removing it, and most likely, my brother, sister and I will all have to be tested, along with our mother's 2 sisters. So just please keep us in your thoughts, I would surley appreciate it!!

Well, thats my news for today, I have to finish making supper, this is the downfall of the 12 hour shifts, a late supper. I will chat at you all later. Remember to tell your friends and family about the awesome giveaway we are offering, somebody needs to beat HEATHER!!! lol!!



WillowLakeScents February 27, 2009 at 7:12 AM  

You're so mean to me ~ lol. But seriously, I'll be thinkin' of ya (& your family too, since you asked nicely). Hope everything goes good for your mom (I know, my relationship with my mother sucks too, but I certainly wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her).

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