Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, its been a few days, and I am getting back in the groove of things, I'm still sick, I bought some new over the counter medicine, that so fars seems to be working for now. I had been trying most of the day to get on facebook, and up until about an hour ago, was finally able to get on!! I had sooooo many drinking requests, I probably should be drunk by now!! lol.

Today, I called Heather from Willow Lake Scents, finally decided it was time to put a voice with the face, and let me tell you, I was blown away by her New Yorker accent!! She was surprised I caught it, I told her the only reason I caught it was because I watch a lot of Law & Order episodes!! I thought it was funny!! Then she made an statement in one of her emails she sent later, that I sounded like I was from the South?? Well, the only explanation I have, would be I listen to country music, could that be it?? then I thought nahhhh, then I narrowed it down, I tend to watch the comedy channel, especially when they have Larry the Cable Guy, and Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White, thats probably more logical!! as in Larry's words "thats funny stuff right there, I don't care who you are"!! Yep I guessing thats where my southern accent comes from! "Git r done!!!

So I have been waiting for my tv show to come back on the air, which is Saving Grace. It airs on TNT on Monday nights,, at 10pm. Yes! I am plugging this show, I fell in love with from the beginning, I love the way her character is, my mom on the other hand would disagree, thats the only thing we agree on, is that we will always disagree with each other. She thinks its rauncy, I think its awesome!! There are some days I wish I could be like Holly Hunter's character, to have the boldness, in total control, self confidence. All of that, not necessarily, all the sleeping around she does, but all the other stuff, if you get a chance tune into on TNT. You can catch the full episodes on TNT's website also, ya know to catch you up.

The Sampler boxes goes on sale today, so head over to http://www.outoftheboxsampler.com to get yours, am happy to say, after contributing since last October, I FINALLY get to buy a box!! I am sooooo happy, and I will be doing a review of the Sampler Box, here on my blog, so in the next week or so, keep watching for the review.

As you all know, I am having my first giveaway here on my own blog, if you win, you get $25.00 worth of products!! And the BEST thing is, all the products you get to choose!! So tell your friends, fellow bloggers, your neighbors, let them all know!! As of right now, "you know who" is in the lead according to my calculations!! Some one has got to stop her!!! lol, YES!!! I love picking on Heather, who has so generously given me the name HUSSY! Which I told her I liked, I might have to make a shirt for myself that says that!

Well, I am going to bed, it's 12:33 in the morning, and my nite-time medicine is kicking in!! tomarrow I will be back to blogging, and joining some new things and listing the giveaway on other blogs, If you are currently following my blog, and have made comments, You get 10 extra points for blogging about my giveaway!! Happy bloggin!! and good-nite



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