Come On Weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Me I'm waiting for Saturday morning to get here! I'm leaving Saturday morning, to make the 3 1/2 drive to Indiana, to pick up my son "Goof"!! Whoo-hoo!. He'll be staying with us until sometime after his birthday, which is August 1st, so I guess the next available day I have off, will be the day I take him back.

Well, remember how I was feeling guilty because the jeep blew up, and he wouldn't be able to have it?? Well, problem has been solved, my grandmother, has been gracious enough to "loan" him the money to get his first car! (maybe it's a good thing I live in Ohio!) I'm just kidding, he is a very good driver, I let him drive back the last time he was here, and I must say, he drove like a 100 year old!! I'm sure that was just for show, but whewwww, my husband and son talk about how slow I drive??

Well, between working at the nursing home, and recieving on-line orders, and trying to get my samples done for the sampler box for August, I'm just totally wore the heck out! I was making good time with everything, and now.....well, thats just another story saved for another day! Warning to Michelle, i'll be cutting the deadline close!! again, as usual! (hopefully she has gotten used to me by now!)

So do you have a craft business?? well, if you do, and would like some free advertising, head over to and sign up! I did this evening, of course I had been trying for a few days, I finally had to get a hold of Tami, and now I have things listed on that site. But the cool thing is, its totally free unless you would be interested in paying for some spots that are available. You can advertise your blogs there, and Twitter, and I even promoted my mdcandles facebook page there!

Well, thats all I have for today/tonite, and by the way, the truck up at the top is mine! and it is working great now! I guess the wheel bearings in both the back tires had to be replaced, and all I can say now, is that hubby is jealous, because my truck is a bad ass 4wheel drive (his isn't, haha), and my truck has a kick ass radio (his is okay, another haha), and last but not least I think it is BIGGER!! So really, guess who wear the pants here!! I have to pick on my husband, its the right thing to do!! I'm really showing him some love, because he would do the same forsure with me!

Oh, I almost forgot, I found out today, on facebook (of course!) that I have my 20th year HIGH SCHOOL REUNION coming up in September! hmmmmm, how does that make me feel, well old of course, its was easier turning 39 in June, but I'm sure it will be a blast! We'll all get a buzz on, and since we are legal this time, maybe some of them from high school won't get taken to jail, like they did for SENIOR SKIP DAY!! I was so glad, I spent my senior skip day at the Honeycreek mall in Terre Haute! What a surprise it was when I came home, and saw 1/2 of our gradutaing senior class being walked to the local jail! Memories! GOTTA LOVE THEM! GO CLASS OF 1989!

Okay, well thats it for me!!


Been A While

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday out there in bloggerville!! It's been awhile since I have posted anything, as some as you may know, I have been on the hunt for a vehicle, mine, well, the engine blew! GOOD NEWS!! I finally got a truck!! Yep, I got a truck, I actually got it on Tuesday (of this week), and I had it a little under a day, and it's been in the shop!! I KNOW!!!!!

When I went to this dealership on Monday, after I got off work, after all the number crunching, and all that, it was basically time for them to close, so I wasn't able to test drive this truck, so I went to get it Tuesday, I had it off the lot for about 10-15 minutes, and had it right back up there, there was a terrible screeching noise, and of course the ABS light was on, so I took it up there Thursday, they have been nice enough to give me a loaner, and now, I'm waiting for them to call, so I can get my truck! BEARINGS went out in the back, I'm not sure what a bearing is, all I know it makes a terrible screeching noise.

I'll post a picture of this new truck, as soon as I'm done with this blog. I only have one, and it is the one I took with my cell phone, its an older truck, has a lot of miles, at this point, I don't care, all I want is a vehicle, and the fact that it is 4 wheel drive and my husbands truck isn't is pretty cool to me!! terrible aren't I?? He is already calling dibs for it, come hunting season, when they go to Jackson Ohio for hunting, the last time I let him take my vehicle, it came back trashed with mud, and smelled like, well men who didn't know how to take a bath! for a week! I am thinking do I?? or do I not let him use my new truck??? Hunting season is still several months away, and so I have some time to think about it.

So, remember, we are having a sale on our website, 25% off, and if you have a cart value, over $5.00, you recieve FREE SHIPPING! How cool is that!?? So head on over and see what we have, ya know I like to stay busy, working at the nursing home just isn't enough for me!! lol

I wasn't able to get a sampler box from Out Of The Box Samplr this month, I was really bummed, but I needed every bit of extra money I had, for a down payment for a vehicle, but hopefully next month, I get one, and be able to post reviews. Speaking of the Out of The Box Sampler, I am the box sponsor for August, so please make sure you order one. I'm excited, I have been working on my samples, and have all these things I want to do, but money is always an issue with me, especially since I want to send in samples that will rock, I have a 5th avenue taste, on a dollar store budget!! Holy crap! Did I really just admit that!!?? oh well, we're all friends here on this crazy blog!!

Okay well, thats it for now, I'm going to post that picture!!




Thursday, July 2, 2009

So the "birthday sale" here at M-D Candles has ended, and a special "THANKS" to everyone that took advantage of that! Well, now I'm offering another GREAT deal!! From now until August 15th, you can now get 25% off, and with a minimum cart value of $5.00, you can recieve "FREE" shipping!! Just use the code "summer sale".

Yep, I am on a mission to keep the summer going!! I have to to be upbeat and positive, nothing brings you down, like a blown engine!! lol.....So I am keeping my spirits high and negative thinking at a low!

As for my car problems.....Still looking!! It is such a pain in the rear to try and find a vehicle, especially since we both work, and if I'm off, he's working or he's off and I'm working!! we just can't seem to find a happy medium!! Last night I had planned to going to Columbus, and that was just put on the back burner until today, hubby called me last nite, to say he was stranded!! I was like, can't help ya, I don't have a vehicle remember?? his a/c froze up, and something about a belt, that controls EVERYTHING, on his truck, so a friend of his picked him up, brought him home, then we took the bike, to go get a belt, to put on his truck, that would by-pass the a/c all together!! WHEWWWW!!! so it's been a little frustrating here!

And, on another note, there won't be any reviews for the OOTB Sampler this month!! Since, I am looking for another vehicle, I need to save back as much as I can, for a down payment, and every little bit helps! The Sampler boxes went on sale yesterday, I am not sure if they have sold out yet, but you can go to , and see!! and tell Michelle, Misty sent ya!!

Back to car hunting on the web! Have a GREAT Thursday, and if I am not back to blogging by the 4th, HAVE AN AWESOME 4TH OF JULY AND BE SAFE!!



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