Saturday, January 31, 2009

All right, the end of January is here!! Time flies when you're having fun!! Its been a few days since I've been on to post anything, I've been working with myhusband this past week, and by the time I get home, I'm so dog tired, I can't even think that If even tried to post anything it would come out readable!!

So the big giveaway happening on willow lake's blog ends at midnite tomarrow night, good-luck to all those that left posts on her sight, and THANKS A BIG BUNCH to those that signed on to follow my blog!! If I could I would make everyone of you an Electric Candle!! but then, i'd be broke for sure!! lol.

So if you have read some of my posts, I talked about a electric candle dragonfly that I have had for a year or more, you know the one I can't get to come out of the mold without breaking?? Well, against all odds, I will be making it, but it just won't be out of soy wax, I'll be using the paraffin wax, (which I cannot stand to use), but want to be able to make and sell!! This will be the ONLY product on my website that I will offer in paraffin! I don't know why I don't like it, it could be because working with the soy is soooooo much better, with the soy wax, I don't have to worry about doing that second pour. So when I get one made up, hopefully tonite maybe tomarrow, I'll get it posted on the website, so be sure to check under the "electric candle" section to see if I got my butt in gear and got it up there!! and if I did get my butt in gear, i'll post a picture here too.

So today, I went to our local Harly Davidson store, (my husband bought me a gift certificate for Christmas), and I guess his feelings were hurt because I hadn't used it yet, to be honest I kinda felt guilty because I sorta made a deal with him in October, and because I ended up quitting my job in September, and wasn't able to keep my deal, I just felt guilty!! Okay, my deal was that if he cut his ponytail off, I would buy him his leather Harley jacket!!! But, end the end, he did not cut his ponytail off just for me, his friend's sister has lupus and some other major health problems, and every few months she had to go and get like hair put in, soooo he ended up giving his ponytail to her!! Which I think was a much better gift than a Harley jacket!!

So, a friend and I were talking the other nite on facebook, and we were talking about festivals, and home-shows, and etc, because I need to be doing that sort of thing for advertising purposes, and just to help get the M-D name out there, so she asked why not have a candle party?? Well, dumb me was thinking, "I don't want people at my home", (I live in an apartment, until our house is ready for us to move into), well, she was talking about an online candle party, so I am in the process of getting together the information, and was just wondering, with what followers I have gained, if anyone would actually be interested in helping me to get the first one off the ground?? so if you are interested, just get a hold of me through my website! There would be a lot of great incentives!!

So, well thats all I really have for now, I need to be doing more research for this "on-line " candle party thing. and I'm sure, my husband would be thrilled, if I made supper at an earlier time, so give me a shout!! if you would be interested in the "on-line" candle party, or just to give me suggestions!!




Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh good lord, just when you think its safe, someone always seems to sneak one up on you!! I was over on prim mart earlier, and someone had started a discussion about facebook, I went to visit her page, well you guessed it, I decided it's no big deal, I can do this!! Figuring out this blog was soooo much easier, even though I still haven't figured out how to to my buttons I want in the side bars!!

So now I have Facebook, I never pictured myself as being "hi-tech", and yes, this is "hi-tech" for me!! My 16 yr. old son, probably would have just breezed right through it, of course he is a smart***!! and at his age knows everything according to him. So if you want to go get on my fan page, or whatever that means that would be really cool!! I signed up to be on my fan page, from my personal facebook page, (oh yeah, I have 2 pages!) one for business and one for personal! its crazy!! here's the address,
this of course is the business one!! and if any one can help me figure out what to do and how to personalize my facebook even more, let me know!! I have pictures up, i'd like to add buttons from some of the friends/businesses i've come in contact with!!
OK for now, going back to facebook to figure out what i need to do!!


M-D Giveaway at Willow Lake Scent's Blog

Friday, January 23, 2009

HI! Everyone, it's been a few days, since I last posted, I've been trying to get my samples ready to send off for the Valentines theme, for Out Of The Box Sampler, I had started out going to do hearts & teddy bear tarts, but after much thinking and playing around with these molds, its going to make it impossible, for one, the main reason being, is the silicone, is a different type, its main use is for "cold" products, the wax gets so imbedded into the mold, I have to practically peel the wax out of the molds, and then, they just look terrible, the hearts aren't so bad, but the teddy bears, I guess its because of the detailing and the wax gets in there, like I've stated before, the heads of these bears, pop off, when trying to pry these little fellas out of the mold. So I have decided just to send in sample packs of the wax crumbles, and maybe some heart shaped tarts. I was really disappointed. this is the 2nd time, I've tried to come up with something different, also the advantage was to add something new to the website also. OH WELL, whatcha gonna do??

So I have been collaberating with my newest good buddy Heather from Willow Lake Scents, and she is going to do a review on her blog, about the products here at M-D, WHICH IS AWESOME!!! And, I will be giving away, an Electric Candle, all you have to do is post comments on Heathers blog, about my site. And she will use an automated thingamajig to draw the name, then if your name is drawn, you will go to my site, and pick out your color and your scent for the Electric Candle, and you will need to give Heather your mailing info, that way she can pass it along to me, then I can mail out your Electric Candle. Its that easy to do. I'm not sure what the time frame will be, I will leave that up to Heather, she has more experience in this department than what I do!!

I am also, after the Valentines box is out will have more dicounts. Be sure to head over to Out of The Box Sampler, to purchase your box!!

Okay, that's all I have for now, I have got to get these samples ready!!


My Electric Candle

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here is just one of the many things I do, I like doing the Electric Candles, they are fun, and easy to make, the thing that takes time with these are waiting for the wax to completly harden, in order to remove it from the mold, which is usually andywhere from 3-5 hours, I usually wait until about the 5 hour mark, that me personally. The pip & berry garland, takes a little time also, but not near as long, I usally buy these, all on one long strand, and then I take about anywhere from 10-12 strands, and then start by twisting them all together, its a tad bit time consuming, but as far as spending money to buy the rings already made up, it is very cost effective. Then I use a 6 watt bulb, I had been buying the clip in light, that come with the cord, with the on/off switch, but here latley, I have been able to get the "country candle", it has its own base, and also comes with the on/off switch, and then I just change the bulb to the 6 watt bulb, and it is normally has the silicone on the bulb, but then there are days, I can't find those bulbs around here, and just put in a 5 watt bulb, that I can normally get at any craft store. By rule of thumb, you need to use anywhere from a 5-7 watt bulb, in order to get a whiff of the scent, you don't ever want to replace with a "nightlight" bulb, I had a friend that replaced with the nightlight bulb, instead of going to the local craft store to get the 5 watt bulb, well needless to say she was pissed off, because the heat from that nightlight bulb, completely melted a big whopper of a hole in her electric candle. I love mine, I keep in plugged in 24/7. My mother and grandmother complained they couldn't smell theirs, well, it's not going to smell if it's not turned on, having it plugged into the wall helps, but it helps a lot more when the thing is actually TURNED ON!!! HELLLOOOOOO.
Well, off to put some more of my creations on here. BE BACK SOON!!


Just me

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan.19, 2008

Okay I know its been a few days since I blogged, I have a hard time knowing what to blog about, so I guess, as usual whatever comes to mind, will be added. As you all know, The Out Of The Box Sampler, has already sold out of their Jan. boxes, I was in that box!! I am already working on my samples for the Feb. box, which has a Valentines days theme, which will be sooooo cool. I plan on getting me a box, from the sounds of it, I will need to get up very early one of these months, to beat Heather from Willow Lake Scents!!! But she's one up on me, I'm not an early riser, but if I get that nursing job, I will be working nights, so I might be 2nd!! lol

Speaking of Heather, she is having a Valentines giveaway on her blog, so get over to: Http:// for your chance to win her giveaway, it's relatively painless to do, just leave a comment!! I had left one, a few weeks back, but didn't see mine on there, so I left another one. Her hubby is going to draw the name, I sooooo hope he picks me, she has some awesome things going in her box giveaway. For example, lip scrub, body spray, lip balm, sugar scrub and a lot more surprises!! That right there has we prayin' my name gets drawn, I don't ever win anything!! and that would be one package to win.

So I have been out putting in applications, fillingout on-line resumes, and printing my resumes off to take with my applications, it's really tough out there, I know I probably shouldn't have left my job back in September, but crap, I was sooooooooooooooo burned out, and not feeling appreciated, and just felt like, I can get this at home! not that it's like that at my house, but it just sometimes feels the same!

I have been working on those darn teddy bears for the sampler box, and I'm just getting more frustrated day by day, the poor little heads just pop right off of them!! I am getting the hang of it now, I figured out I need to stretch the sides of that mold, and that kind of "releases" them from sticking to the sides, and of course, I couldn't find my mold release spray, so I used a little of the non-stick spray, which worked a little, not much, it was good to make my fingers just slide all over, while trying to pry those bears out. I also have been working on my dragonfly mold, I bought it over a year ago, and I have been trying like hell, to get that out of the mold without it breaking, of course, I'm using the feathered palm wax, and I did try it with paraffin, and it pops out, but I don't advertise using paraffin on my website, but I guess If I want to be able to sell any of these, I may have to offer that particular product in paraffin. Which totally blows!

One of these days I'll figure out how to change my look here, and add pictures, I am just totally hopeless when it comes to this computer stuff!!

okay well, I have to make supper, and work on my "creations" for the sampler box, they go out earlier this month.

See YA!!



Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16, 2009

Greetings!! I have been out of the loop for a few days, but I think I'm ready to back into the swing of things here.
So if you read my last post, I was talking about how I wanted to do the small hearts, and teddy bears, I did them, they are harder than heck to pop out of the mold, the hearts were'nt that hard I guess, but when I went to get the teddy bears out, their little heads popped out first, that was the 2nd sign to tell me that this wasn't going to be an easy task with these teddy bears!!, of course the first sign being they wasn't coming out of the mold with ease!!
I have been trying new things, I bought a couple of molds from candle and supply back in October, the first time we were at my mother-in-laws, they had them on sale, they are either a 3x6 or 3x9, metal mold, I hadn't done anything with them, so I'm getting ready to play with them, and see if I like doing them, and If I do, then I'll put them on the website. I also was messin around with another mold my bestest friend is letting me use, I did put that one on the website, that mold is a 4x4 1/2. At least that what I measured it as. Who knows, math was never my strong suit, and using a tape measure at times is challenging! It did turn out nice, so I decided to do one for my home, and now keep in mind, when I did the one for the website, I did everything right, as far as poking the holes, and filling the holes up, well, guess what I didn't do for my house, you guess it, poke the holes, and guess what it exploded!! So glad the hubby was gone!! It wasn't that bad as far as mess goes, but let me tell you, I never experienced a candle doing that, so it was freaky, and I can see now why we have to put canlde labels on our products!!, but I don't think they say anything about exploding candles, good thing I am an experienced candle burner. (haha).
As you probably noticed, I haven't figured out how to put pictures on my blog, and I found this site the otherday, that I could get a new "look" for my blog, well, I lost the website, and so I have been also looking for that, I just think my lok could be a little more appealing. I have some buttons I'd like to put on my also, and haven't figured that one out either, so those of you that are following me, any suggestions to a newbie blogger???please.
Ok, also with the help from Tina, at DIY, she helped me get my guestbook going. I had no clue as to what I was doing, This poor lady, is probably sick of me, but I think she absolutley ROCKS, I have given that gal permissions, to modify anything on my website. I just love the crap out of that lady!! I'd let her move in, just to keep me from going insane with this website. But then she would go insane for having to put up with me, but seriously, i'm not that bad, sorta.
Okay, can any one tell me, how to put the link on my website for here?? as of right now, I have it so they read it, and tells them where I'm located.
Well for now, I have to get off of here, I need to take a shower, and go back outside in this freaking cold weather, we are currently -7 here in Ohio, with a wind chill of -20-25 below, according to our local weather man, he can't call the snow half the time, but he has this bone-chillin weather down!!
Blessings fellow candlemakers and friends!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday January 12-2009

Okay so I know I am up late doing this blog, really late considering I am getting up at 5:30 to go work with hubby today. Don't worry, I left my kneepads at the job site. Wouldn't it be funny if he forgot his?? hehe.

So I just finished putting my new products on my website, I was so looking forward to having the teddy bear tarts, but I'm thinking I need to go buy some mold release, which is just crazy, be cause the hearts I have, are actully made from the same material as the teddy bears, the only thing I can figure out is that the teddy bears has a little more detailing in them, maybe thats why they wouldn't release. Heck I don't know, I just know that every single one of them broke when trying to get them out of the mold. which sucked!!

Hey DON'T FORGET!!! The Sampler Boxes go on sale January 16th!! So be sure to get yours!! Just go to: and don't forget I AM IN THE BOX, does that sound familiar, ?? well it should, I have that button on my website. I know I'm an A$$. I get that from my late grandfather!! This is my 3rd time in the box, and I'll be in the box in February too, I just so love making things for the Sampler, sometimes I just don't know what I'm wanting to do, I have sent in jars, tarts, votives, and tin pails, and so on, so each month I struggle, I had a great thing I wanted to do for the "superbowl" but every idea I had just wasn't working for me, I couldn't find the things I wanted, and If I did find them, there wasn't enough to make sure I was in several boxes. So I'm getting a head start for February, or at least I'm going to try, it just depends If I find a job.

Don't get me wrong, I love working with my husband, but sometimes........we just won't go there!

OKAY gang, I have to go to bed, If I'm not toooooo tired when we get home tomarrow, I'll let you know how my day went. Hopefully, I won't piss him off and he won't piss me off. (yeah right, one of us is going down, and not in the "good way")


Busy, busy!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, Jan. 10

Ok. I know I haven't wrote anything since I signed up, truth is, I have been busy. Well, kinda, I worked Thursday and Friday with my husband, he install flooring, carpet, tile etc. well, I've been helping him, I still haven't heard nursing home, about starting there yet, so... I'll work with him, but I am using muscles I have forgotten all about, and it doesn't help that I have a compression fracture in my back, from an accident I had at work back in 2000, well, Thursday we get to that job, and I asked him where my kneepads were?? well; guess what boy genius forgot!! He remembered his but not mine, so my knees have been killing me, they are red, and I'm just plan pissed off!!

Friday went better, I made sure my kneepads were with us, and so it wasn't as bad, but the pain from Thursday is still here. By Monday I should be as good as new, and ready to do it all over again.!!

I am hoping to have my new jars, and scents added to my website by the time I go to bed Sunday evening, I am so excited, I hope by adding to more jars to my jars I have now, will prove to be successful, they are just plain ol' canning jars I picked up at candle and supply when we were in Pennsylvania visiting my in-laws, last month, and I am adding some new tarts also to the website, I have them in shapes of footballs, these suckers are huge!! I actually bought the mold from Walmart, as well as the fall leaves mold I found there to!! I found them back in the cake decorating isle, and less expensive than ordering them on line, at hobby lobby, I was able to find a silicone mold in the shapes of hearts and teddy bears, (also less expensive), I want to be sure I have them on the website too. I am anxious to start to get more orders, I have supplies, I just need the orders, somedays its just crazy not to have the sales that I think I should have, and I alot of times here lately have been pretty down about it, its very hard to keep thinking positive when all you can think of is being negative, but I'm trying to work on that.

Well here in a couple of weeks I should be an "aunt" again, my sister is pregnant with her 3rd child, I must say when I first found out, I was pissed, and jealous, and hurt!! My husband and I were married in May of '07, in June of '07, I found out I was pregnant, about 2 years earlier, I was told by a specialist, that I was going to be able to get pregnant without help, so imagine our surprise when we realized I was pregnant, we spent money on about 5 pregnancy tests, and all of them said positive!! I guess, the drinking on our honeymoon help!! lol, and was ALOT cheaper than going to the specialist! Well it was a short lived pregnancy, one week my parents are expecting 2 new grandchilderen, the next week, my brothers wife and I both miscarried, about 2 days apart! that was just horrifying, my son was 15 at the time I found out I was pregnant, and was pissed, because he thought I was "to old", then he was heartbroken, when he found out what had happened. So back to my sister, the thing that upset me the most, was her due date, it was the exact same day, that I was suppose to be due, Feb. 12th. I cried for 2 days, I have since then, decided not to drink, which I haven't, I haven't given up the ciggerettes yet, but that is one of my new years resolutions, so if your following me, maybe a prayer or 2 wouldn't hurt, any encouragement to help me quit smoking would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to May, it will be our 2 year anniversary, and we celebrate it in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it was bike week, when we got married, and we have decided to go back every year to celebrate, we didn't have a bike the last 2 times we've been, this year we have one, my husband bout us a 95 harley davidson sportser, so we won't have to follow my husbands brother and his wife inour truck, we will be right beside them!! In October, we went to Florida, for bike week there, his brother lives in Deland Florida, we were in a ride for Camp Boggy Creek, tons of bikers, raising money for a wonderful cause, its for kids and their families, kids who have cancer, etc. and its all free of charge, it was awesome to be a part of that.

Just also a quick note before I sign off for now, my website is having a 15% off sale, there is no minimun order, so you can visit us at
So, I'm out of here, I've got some website stuff to be working on, and getting a new look for my blog, if I can figure it all out!!


So New To Blogging!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 7, 2009

OK!! So noooooo, I don't know what I'm doing, all I know is that there are a ton, of the websites that I visit, that have blogs. So I figure, it's about time that I learn how to have one myself, not that I know how to get the link on my website to here, it's all so new to me, kinda of makes me wish I'd paid more attention in high school, but then again I graduated in 1989, and I'm pretty sure people were not blogging then. So then I guess I should feel good about NOT paying attention.

Okay so about me, my name is Misty, I grew up in Indiana, I have a 16yr. old son, who is just a firecracker, I know that by the time he graduates, he most likely will make me a grandma, which just scares the living crap out of me!! I moved to Ohio, in 2006, I moved here because my then boyfriend, which is now my husband lived over here, and I felt like I just needed a changed of pace not for just myself, but for my son also, (who ended up moving back to Indiana, 2 months later, because he felt like the new school he was in, was just for "farm kids"). And that was his thinking because the school was away from town, and out in the middle of nowhere, but he fails to see, that back in Indiana, his school he goes to, is also away from town, off the side of a major highway, it's a little closer to a town, that does has a local burger king, and a couple of gas stations. He comes to visit on breaks from school, and during the football season, I make the 3 1/2 hour trip to watch him play. And we also go over there, for holidays, and for my husband to do flooring for my family, of course it has to be for free, since they are "family", which my husband doesn't mind that at all.
So, I opened my on-line candle store in September of '08, and I have had fun with it, making and creating new things, and trying new things, business was a little slow, but hopefully the more I get my name out there, things will pick up, I was in the Out of The Box Sampler, in October, then in December, and I will be in the box for January, and February, which those boxes do go on sale the 15th of every month. If your not familiar with the OOTB, you really need to go to Michelle's website, she does an awesome job for the etailers, by getting their products seen.
Well, thats it for now, I'm going to sign off today and try to figure out why my picture won't come up for my profile, and go post that I now have a blog!! that is so weird. My son, probably has a blog, guess it time for momma to go hi-tech. So until next time.......


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