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Friday, January 23, 2009

HI! Everyone, it's been a few days, since I last posted, I've been trying to get my samples ready to send off for the Valentines theme, for Out Of The Box Sampler, I had started out going to do hearts & teddy bear tarts, but after much thinking and playing around with these molds, its going to make it impossible, for one, the main reason being, is the silicone, is a different type, its main use is for "cold" products, the wax gets so imbedded into the mold, I have to practically peel the wax out of the molds, and then, they just look terrible, the hearts aren't so bad, but the teddy bears, I guess its because of the detailing and the wax gets in there, like I've stated before, the heads of these bears, pop off, when trying to pry these little fellas out of the mold. So I have decided just to send in sample packs of the wax crumbles, and maybe some heart shaped tarts. I was really disappointed. this is the 2nd time, I've tried to come up with something different, also the advantage was to add something new to the website also. OH WELL, whatcha gonna do??

So I have been collaberating with my newest good buddy Heather from Willow Lake Scents, and she is going to do a review on her blog, about the products here at M-D, WHICH IS AWESOME!!! And, I will be giving away, an Electric Candle, all you have to do is post comments on Heathers blog, about my site. And she will use an automated thingamajig to draw the name, then if your name is drawn, you will go to my site, and pick out your color and your scent for the Electric Candle, and you will need to give Heather your mailing info, that way she can pass it along to me, then I can mail out your Electric Candle. Its that easy to do. I'm not sure what the time frame will be, I will leave that up to Heather, she has more experience in this department than what I do!!

I am also, after the Valentines box is out will have more dicounts. Be sure to head over to Out of The Box Sampler, to purchase your box!!

Okay, that's all I have for now, I have got to get these samples ready!!


WillowLakeScents January 23, 2009 at 4:30 PM  

Review & Giveaway are posted now !!

TeresaM January 24, 2009 at 8:01 AM  

I followed you from Prim Mart and onto WillowLake Scents to enter your contest! I'm new to blogging too!

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