Saturday, January 31, 2009

All right, the end of January is here!! Time flies when you're having fun!! Its been a few days since I've been on to post anything, I've been working with myhusband this past week, and by the time I get home, I'm so dog tired, I can't even think that If even tried to post anything it would come out readable!!

So the big giveaway happening on willow lake's blog ends at midnite tomarrow night, good-luck to all those that left posts on her sight, and THANKS A BIG BUNCH to those that signed on to follow my blog!! If I could I would make everyone of you an Electric Candle!! but then, i'd be broke for sure!! lol.

So if you have read some of my posts, I talked about a electric candle dragonfly that I have had for a year or more, you know the one I can't get to come out of the mold without breaking?? Well, against all odds, I will be making it, but it just won't be out of soy wax, I'll be using the paraffin wax, (which I cannot stand to use), but want to be able to make and sell!! This will be the ONLY product on my website that I will offer in paraffin! I don't know why I don't like it, it could be because working with the soy is soooooo much better, with the soy wax, I don't have to worry about doing that second pour. So when I get one made up, hopefully tonite maybe tomarrow, I'll get it posted on the website, so be sure to check under the "electric candle" section to see if I got my butt in gear and got it up there!! and if I did get my butt in gear, i'll post a picture here too.

So today, I went to our local Harly Davidson store, (my husband bought me a gift certificate for Christmas), and I guess his feelings were hurt because I hadn't used it yet, to be honest I kinda felt guilty because I sorta made a deal with him in October, and because I ended up quitting my job in September, and wasn't able to keep my deal, I just felt guilty!! Okay, my deal was that if he cut his ponytail off, I would buy him his leather Harley jacket!!! But, end the end, he did not cut his ponytail off just for me, his friend's sister has lupus and some other major health problems, and every few months she had to go and get like hair put in, soooo he ended up giving his ponytail to her!! Which I think was a much better gift than a Harley jacket!!

So, a friend and I were talking the other nite on facebook, and we were talking about festivals, and home-shows, and etc, because I need to be doing that sort of thing for advertising purposes, and just to help get the M-D name out there, so she asked why not have a candle party?? Well, dumb me was thinking, "I don't want people at my home", (I live in an apartment, until our house is ready for us to move into), well, she was talking about an online candle party, so I am in the process of getting together the information, and was just wondering, with what followers I have gained, if anyone would actually be interested in helping me to get the first one off the ground?? so if you are interested, just get a hold of me through my website! There would be a lot of great incentives!!

So, well thats all I really have for now, I need to be doing more research for this "on-line " candle party thing. and I'm sure, my husband would be thrilled, if I made supper at an earlier time, so give me a shout!! if you would be interested in the "on-line" candle party, or just to give me suggestions!!



Jenn January 31, 2009 at 6:19 PM  

An online Candle Party would be way cool...I'll definitely do what I can to spread the word for you. Just let me when you decide to do it. You can e-mail me at By the way, thanks for putting my blog button on your page! I'm LOVING the applebutter candle I got today...Thanks again!!

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