Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16, 2009

Greetings!! I have been out of the loop for a few days, but I think I'm ready to back into the swing of things here.
So if you read my last post, I was talking about how I wanted to do the small hearts, and teddy bears, I did them, they are harder than heck to pop out of the mold, the hearts were'nt that hard I guess, but when I went to get the teddy bears out, their little heads popped out first, that was the 2nd sign to tell me that this wasn't going to be an easy task with these teddy bears!!, of course the first sign being they wasn't coming out of the mold with ease!!
I have been trying new things, I bought a couple of molds from candle and supply back in October, the first time we were at my mother-in-laws, they had them on sale, they are either a 3x6 or 3x9, metal mold, I hadn't done anything with them, so I'm getting ready to play with them, and see if I like doing them, and If I do, then I'll put them on the website. I also was messin around with another mold my bestest friend is letting me use, I did put that one on the website, that mold is a 4x4 1/2. At least that what I measured it as. Who knows, math was never my strong suit, and using a tape measure at times is challenging! It did turn out nice, so I decided to do one for my home, and now keep in mind, when I did the one for the website, I did everything right, as far as poking the holes, and filling the holes up, well, guess what I didn't do for my house, you guess it, poke the holes, and guess what it exploded!! So glad the hubby was gone!! It wasn't that bad as far as mess goes, but let me tell you, I never experienced a candle doing that, so it was freaky, and I can see now why we have to put canlde labels on our products!!, but I don't think they say anything about exploding candles, good thing I am an experienced candle burner. (haha).
As you probably noticed, I haven't figured out how to put pictures on my blog, and I found this site the otherday, that I could get a new "look" for my blog, well, I lost the website, and so I have been also looking for that, I just think my lok could be a little more appealing. I have some buttons I'd like to put on my also, and haven't figured that one out either, so those of you that are following me, any suggestions to a newbie blogger???please.
Ok, also with the help from Tina, at DIY, she helped me get my guestbook going. I had no clue as to what I was doing, This poor lady, is probably sick of me, but I think she absolutley ROCKS, I have given that gal permissions, to modify anything on my website. I just love the crap out of that lady!! I'd let her move in, just to keep me from going insane with this website. But then she would go insane for having to put up with me, but seriously, i'm not that bad, sorta.
Okay, can any one tell me, how to put the link on my website for here?? as of right now, I have it so they read it, and tells them where I'm located.
Well for now, I have to get off of here, I need to take a shower, and go back outside in this freaking cold weather, we are currently -7 here in Ohio, with a wind chill of -20-25 below, according to our local weather man, he can't call the snow half the time, but he has this bone-chillin weather down!!
Blessings fellow candlemakers and friends!


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