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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan.19, 2008

Okay I know its been a few days since I blogged, I have a hard time knowing what to blog about, so I guess, as usual whatever comes to mind, will be added. As you all know, The Out Of The Box Sampler, has already sold out of their Jan. boxes, I was in that box!! I am already working on my samples for the Feb. box, which has a Valentines days theme, which will be sooooo cool. I plan on getting me a box, from the sounds of it, I will need to get up very early one of these months, to beat Heather from Willow Lake Scents!!! But she's one up on me, I'm not an early riser, but if I get that nursing job, I will be working nights, so I might be 2nd!! lol

Speaking of Heather, she is having a Valentines giveaway on her blog, so get over to: Http://www.willowlakescents.blogspot.com for your chance to win her giveaway, it's relatively painless to do, just leave a comment!! I had left one, a few weeks back, but didn't see mine on there, so I left another one. Her hubby is going to draw the name, I sooooo hope he picks me, she has some awesome things going in her box giveaway. For example, lip scrub, body spray, lip balm, sugar scrub and a lot more surprises!! That right there has we prayin' my name gets drawn, I don't ever win anything!! and that would be one package to win.

So I have been out putting in applications, fillingout on-line resumes, and printing my resumes off to take with my applications, it's really tough out there, I know I probably shouldn't have left my job back in September, but crap, I was sooooooooooooooo burned out, and not feeling appreciated, and just felt like, I can get this at home! not that it's like that at my house, but it just sometimes feels the same!

I have been working on those darn teddy bears for the sampler box, and I'm just getting more frustrated day by day, the poor little heads just pop right off of them!! I am getting the hang of it now, I figured out I need to stretch the sides of that mold, and that kind of "releases" them from sticking to the sides, and of course, I couldn't find my mold release spray, so I used a little of the non-stick spray, which worked a little, not much, it was good to make my fingers just slide all over, while trying to pry those bears out. I also have been working on my dragonfly mold, I bought it over a year ago, and I have been trying like hell, to get that out of the mold without it breaking, of course, I'm using the feathered palm wax, and I did try it with paraffin, and it pops out, but I don't advertise using paraffin on my website, but I guess If I want to be able to sell any of these, I may have to offer that particular product in paraffin. Which totally blows!

One of these days I'll figure out how to change my look here, and add pictures, I am just totally hopeless when it comes to this computer stuff!!

okay well, I have to make supper, and work on my "creations" for the sampler box, they go out earlier this month.

See YA!!


WillowLakeScents January 19, 2009 at 8:17 PM  

If you head over to the OOTB forum ~ Michelle has a little secret posted there ~ I think in the January Box link (but you'll still have to get up pretty early to beat me ~ lmao). Did you see the lineup for Feb? OMG !! BTW ~ thanks for the giveaway plug!

WillowLakeScents January 20, 2009 at 6:54 AM  

OK ~ 3rd pic from right (next to the little film strip) is what to click on to add a picture (kinda looks like a mountain & sky),then you can find the image on your computer & add it. After you click done & the pic is added to the post ~ if you want to link the picture to a website, click on the pic to highlight it,then click on the little picture on the left (looks like a pretzel with a green ball under it ~ lmao , like my descriptions?)and paste rhe http address in the box. That should be it. Let me know if it works for ya !

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