Thursday, July 2, 2009

So the "birthday sale" here at M-D Candles has ended, and a special "THANKS" to everyone that took advantage of that! Well, now I'm offering another GREAT deal!! From now until August 15th, you can now get 25% off, and with a minimum cart value of $5.00, you can recieve "FREE" shipping!! Just use the code "summer sale".

Yep, I am on a mission to keep the summer going!! I have to to be upbeat and positive, nothing brings you down, like a blown engine!! lol.....So I am keeping my spirits high and negative thinking at a low!

As for my car problems.....Still looking!! It is such a pain in the rear to try and find a vehicle, especially since we both work, and if I'm off, he's working or he's off and I'm working!! we just can't seem to find a happy medium!! Last night I had planned to going to Columbus, and that was just put on the back burner until today, hubby called me last nite, to say he was stranded!! I was like, can't help ya, I don't have a vehicle remember?? his a/c froze up, and something about a belt, that controls EVERYTHING, on his truck, so a friend of his picked him up, brought him home, then we took the bike, to go get a belt, to put on his truck, that would by-pass the a/c all together!! WHEWWWW!!! so it's been a little frustrating here!

And, on another note, there won't be any reviews for the OOTB Sampler this month!! Since, I am looking for another vehicle, I need to save back as much as I can, for a down payment, and every little bit helps! The Sampler boxes went on sale yesterday, I am not sure if they have sold out yet, but you can go to , and see!! and tell Michelle, Misty sent ya!!

Back to car hunting on the web! Have a GREAT Thursday, and if I am not back to blogging by the 4th, HAVE AN AWESOME 4TH OF JULY AND BE SAFE!!



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