Monday, March 9, 2009

Okay all, It's 11:30, and I should be in bed, but I'm not, I'm exhausted don't get me wrong, it"s just I still have to fill all my tea bottles for work tomarrow, and figure out what I am taking for lunch, since this nursing home doesn't provide meals for their staff. And that really sucks, cuz, there is hardly any room in the employee fridge!! I just don't understand, if your are done with your lunch, from the day before, have the courtesy to take out what you don't eat, and get it out of the fridge!! Thats 1 gripe out of the way......

Keep in mind, that on the days I work, I have to drag my butt out of bed at 5am, to ensure that my happy butt, is on time at 7am. which also sucks, cuz I'm not real big on mornings, so I already told you it was 11:30??? Well, I just ate supper at 10pm. GUESS WHO HAS BEEN HOME SINCE 4:30 this afternoon, guess who took a nap, guess who took another nap, while I was still in my scrubs, cooking supper??? NOT ME!!! you guessed it my juvinile deliquent, HUBBY!!!! Just when I think, I have made a point, or felt really good about getting my point across, I get screwed. Oh Yeah, guess who is in bed now, while I'm writing my blog?? hmmmmm. wonder........ yeah, NOT ME!!

So, I am still bummin, I can't get to the post office until Wednesday, thats my day off, so I am hoping, I have a good day at my local post office. So tomarrow, my 12 hour shift is going to drag, because now I have something to look forward to. Always my luck!!

So, on the upside, our reservations for the 2009 Myrtle Beach Bike Week are set!! I am ready!! I was really hoping to lose weight, I keep telling my husband I'm going to buy me some chaps, yeah the ones with nothing covering the butt cheeks??? He doesn't think its funny, I'd like to think I had enough confidence to actually pull something like that off, oh well, we leave in May, so I guess I'll keep teasing him up until the time we leave!! Its too funny, seeing him get all red in the face!! I know I am totally awful, but I JUST can't help it!!

So my good friend Heather, over at Willow Lakes Scents is having a giveaway, for her blog, her 100th post and so on, so everyone needs to head over there and check it out!! I already left my comment, letting her know which one I'd take when she drew my name!! I also told her I wasn't going to blog about it until she emailed me back, but... I do somwhat have a heart, even though she hasn't emailed me yet.

And last but not least, before I head off here, to make my lunch for Tuesday, oh nevermind, I just forgot what I was going to write about..... I hate it when that happens..... Well, since I know Heather is going to read this, (she'll kill me) acne is starting, does that mean what I think it does, since for the past 2 months we have something in common???? (bloating) HINT!!!! OH YEAH!!! I'll get a rise out of Heather for that one!!!

Have a happy Tuesday!!

SEE YA!!!!


WillowLakeScents March 10, 2009 at 6:59 AM  

(bloating)Hint ! *Bitch* Any day now ~ lol Probably just in time to start my new job ~lmao. Going for my physical this morning... I'll email ya when I get home... unless of course the phone call from my SIL that I missed last night was to tell me she's going to the Casino....then my but will be planted in front of a slot machine for the afternoon....I won $200 last time we went (of course I gave it all back in like 2 freakin minutes).

WillowLakeScents March 10, 2009 at 7:00 AM  

PS ~ PLEASE get rid of the stupid word verification.... it's usually way too early in the morning when I leave a comment for me to decipher those god awful twisted words ! Love Ya Hussy !!

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