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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh my!! My day was pretty good today, I was off, still sick, stuffed up nose and all, I had made a deal with myself to do as little as possible, you know, housework, laundry, etc. And I feel pretty darn good that I stuck with my guns!! hehe
I did manage to get dressed, go to the post office, and go tan. I also managed to list our giveaway on about 4-5 sites, so with that in mind, I have changed the deadline of our giveaway, it is no longer March 15th, but is now schedule to be drawn on March 22nd. To ensure that everyone who is interested in our little giveaway, gets a chance to get in on the GREAT Giveaway!!
I am pleased to announce, that in a few days, I will be the proud owner of my very 1st Out of the Box Sampler!! I have been a contributor since October, and never had the extra moo-lah to purchase me a box, well today I spoiled myself!! and I think that will be a monthly thing, to spoil myself and not feel guilty, its not like hubby is buying it, I am back to work!! So I will be doing a review of the Sampler Box after I recieve it, I can honestly say I have been kicking my self in the rear-end for not being able to get one!!
So, in about 2 weeks, my baby will be visiting me!! I always get excited when he comes to stay with us, this time he asked if he could bring his girlfriend??? HELLO!!!! Not happening!!! My baby is 16, he lives in Indiana with his Grandparents, a situation I do not like, but it makes him happy, I think if we would have moved here before the "teen years" kicked in, I think he would have been okay with moving, but he wasn't making any friends, and he terribly missed my dad & my brother & sister, so I know I should have put my foot down, and said no, but at the same time, I didn't want him to hate me, I'd like to think, that coming here to visit & stay gives him something to look forward to, especially since his current home life situation with his grandmother stinks, (in an earlier post, I said she was going in for surgery on March 23rd, she is having half of her right kidney removed). Which I found out earlier this evening, from my sister who stated that mom wasn't to concerned if I was going to be there for her surgery, but thought it was awful that I was coming to get my son, on his Spring Break, and him not going to at the hospital for her surgery. Which as a daughter, makes me feel like crap, knowing that she really doesn't want me there, so I emailed my dad, and let him know what I thought. Especially since I had already told my father, my brother, my sister, and sister -in-law, and my son, that I WAS going to be there for her surgery. I plan on still being there for her surgery, wanted or un-wanted I will be there.
THe thing that makes me mad, is my parents are Ministers, in a Quaker Church, my dad is great at his services, mom well, we won't go there. Lets just say she doesn't practice what she preaches, she passes judgement, she hold grudges, she gossips about other people, and at times she's been known to cuss a tad, all while studying to be a minister. My dad lost his job back in October, and in Feb. was able to get a job at the place he formally worked at, little less pay, but a job regardless, though it only lasts till sometime this summer, it's still a job, the man he replaced went to work where my brother-inlaw works, and my dad had asked how he was doing, my stated that the guy went out and got a "real job", which makes me furious, my dad married my mother in 1973, worked at GM, retired and has had several jobs since retiring, I do believe my dad has earned a whole lot of respect from my mother, which he doesn't get.
I guess I am still a little peeved, over my conversation with my sister earlier this evening, but I had to rant and rave, and hubby isn't home from work yet, and the dog just looks at me like I have totally lost my mind!! which I guess in some ways maybe I have.. As you can tell, I come from a dysfunctional family, and it all started in the womb!!
Well, I have to work tomarrow, so I need to get lunch ready and my bottles of iced tea ready, I take about 4 20oz bottles filled with tea, since I have had this crappy cold, I can't seem to get enough to drink!! Well enjoy your day, and I'll check back in tomarrow!! and I guess I should have named this blog "As The World Turns!!"


heathermac March 6, 2009 at 11:47 AM  

Have a great day. You've peaked my interest. I will check out the Out-of-the-Box Sampler. Thanks.

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