Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well, its Saturday, the weekend is finally here, and today I am taking "Goof" back to Indiana, which sucks!! He just needs to move back here!!

On the upside, I won't be making the 3 1/2 hour trip, I'll be meeting my brother, sister-in-law, and neice, in Greenfield IN, which is the 1/2 way point. Of course, with my brother, there are always "stipulations!!", which is $20 for gas, and I have to buy them lunch, at Ponderosa!! which is okay with me!! I hadn't been to Ponderosa in years, they use to have one in Terre Haute, over by the mall, when I was attempting to go to business college, but they closed it, and there was another one, but that was on Wabash, and I just didn't like driving that far out of the way for Ponderosa!!! I use to think they were the bomb, and my brother still does!

So, I told "Goof" the plan, because my brother, sister-in-law, are taking their daughter to swim in Indy, so you know he'll to get to stay in a hotel room, where there is a hot tub, inside pool, you would think he would be excited?? But then......the girlfriend is pissed, he had me tell her the plan, so that way she wouldn't get mad at him for it??? RIDICULOUS!!! 15-16 year old kids, and you would think that their life is over, due to a sudden change in plans?? Yeah, I kinda remember that feeling a LONG time ago!! Hate to tell them, they'll get over it!

Well, the sale is almost up over on the website, it ends, March 31st, and so hurry over and take advantage!!

GOtta get "Goof's" stuff all ready, so I'll see ya all later, HAPPY SATURDAY!!



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