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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey everybody!! Well, I am happy to report I received my sampler box on Wednesday, probably would have gotten it Monday, but since I was working, and all, I couldn't get my mail until Wednesday. So I went to my friend's house, her name is also Heather, so I'll refer to her as Ohio Heather, well, I also have another Heather in my life, ya know her at Willow Lake's Scents, so not to confuse everyone including my self, my friend Ohio Heather, was with me to help do the reviews!! Which as soon as I find my paper I wrote it all down on, I'd be happy to tell ya all about them!!! Yes, I had a cheat sheet!!! and a lot of good it has done me!

Well, I have been cleaning again, in an effort to find my review paper, and also, since my son is coming here next Friday, I am unloading items over to our shed, hubby is not happy about doing that, but oh well!! Usually my son sleeps on the couch, here in our apartment, since the spare room is my candle creation lab, but I informed him, I was rearraging things, that way he can sleep on the mattresses, which he said he'd rather sleep on the couch, that way he can stay up all night watching tv while he's here, but told him no! the last time he was here, I watched him and hubby play "rock band", and ended up screwing up my sleep schedule, and now that I am working again, I can't be letting that happen.

Well, if you are a smoker like me, who has been trying hard, very hard to quit without getting any pills, and patches, I hope to be smoke-free by April 1st, when there will be a federal tax on the cigerettes, I guess if I can't spell it, I shouldn't be smoking!! So just to warn everyone if I'm a little bitcher than usual, Please bear with me. I'll be investing a lot more into lemon drops, I have heard, that the lemon drops help kill the nicotine in the back of your throat, I hope that is true!! Since starting work, I have cut back, which helps, but when I am not working, well, thats a different story.....

I also got my pictures of my new nephew, who looks identical, to his older brother!!! He is so cute, I will get to meet him this upcoming Friday, when I drive to Indiana to pick up my son, I plan on taking pictures, that way, I can post our family's new addition.

Well, thats all I got for now, so I am going to try to find my cheat sheet, and hopefully will have my reviews posted by this evening!!

Have a good Saturday evening!!



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