Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey everyone!! Happy Tuesday.

Just wanted to let everyone know, that my mom's surgery went very good! They won't actually be able to tell, if the mass they took out was cancerous, until they do all the tests on it, bt hopefully it wasn't. But I will be sure to keep everyone notified. We spent most of the day, at the hospital, in Indy. I always knew that place was huge, but never expected it, to be that huge!! We got lost, we parked in the wrong place, so I guess in other words, that was just a typical Monday for me!!

We got home, oh I'd say probably around 9p.m. last night, and hubby actually fixed supper!! I was shocked. Can't get him to took on the days I work, but I guess when it has to do with family it's different, oh well, I appreciated his efforts, and his spahgetti was awesome!!

Just a quick note, that th pictures of my family were taken at my SISTERS house, not mine!! I was looking at the picture of "goof" & me, and thought that I had better clarify, I am for some unknown reason, a clean freak, my sister is not!! and we don't understand, where I cought the clean freak bug, because it was not inherited!! LOL!!! (but seriously, I had to point that out!!) My sister will just love that.

Well, I am off to pick up the house, or apartment I should say, I have already started laundry, and I am also, working on a candle order to, so I will talk to you all later, and THANK YOU for all of the prayers that my family and I have recieved!



loves3cats March 24, 2009 at 4:05 PM  

Glad to hear that everything went well and will be keeping you in my thoughts for the biopsy.

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