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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alrighty then!!!, As some of you all know, as of Tuesday, I went back to work!! What was I thinking???, well, I was thinking I need the money, to feed my candle additictions, need NEW Harley wear, for Bike Week, in May, need to make 1 more payment, and my car will be offically paid off!! (thats the greatest feeling right there!!), that would actually give me more money for my candle addicition!! lol

Well let me tell you, on Monday nite, I took 2 tylenol pm's, because since I've not been working and staying up late most , ok majority of the time, either on the computer, or catching up with shows I've recorded on the DVR, I could not see myself going to bed and then getting up at 5am, for the alarm, to get ready for work, but after I took the tylenol pm, and let it kinda take its course, I emailed my CRAZY, and yes I said CRAZY, friend, Heather, who will most likely say that I was the one who was crazy, (my email must of been well long!!), and I'm sure it made no sense, seeing how she didn't even respond to my email, (maybe she thinks I took something a little stronger??) which would have helped if I had, at 2am Tuesday morning I am wide awake in my chair, unable to sleep, which is not good, cuz that damn alarm clock is going off at 5!!, I eventually get to sleep, get up, get showered, dressed and out the door!! for 12 hour shifts!!! yuckky!!!! I get to my new job, i'm excited, i'm nervous (probably why I couldn't sleep, NERVES), I clock in, I go to the board to find out where I am to report, THE BEHAVIOR WARD, which in my terms, is mental ward!! YEAH!!!! MEMORIES!!!, for 12 hours, I knew i would have to eventually train on this unit, I just figured it would most likely not be my 1st day! although, I did joke with a few of friends, that I would probably be there! (it was a joke, I actually didn't think the "big guy" up stairs would take my joking seriously!! As you can tell I survived. I did my 12 hours, I came home, dog ass tired!!, feet hurting like they have never hurt before, I for some insane reason thought my husband would take pity on me, and possibly cook supper, or suggest that we go out for supper (which I was hoping for), but, I ended up cooking!! and I was not in a good mood when I was done, let me tell you, while I was cooking, he was watching the simspons!! and then he was watching the food chanel, (Anthony Bourdain). I didn't have any trouble sleeping that night!!!
So then yesterday, I trained on a different unit, (evidently, if you have experience, you only get 1 day of oreintation on each unit), I survived that day, it was actually a good day, until I got 10 minutes from home, the weather here isn't bad, as far as snow, or anything like that, we were just having some issues, with tornado watches, 60 mph high winds, stuff I can handle, until I crossed over an intersection, and I could bearly get any further than that, I pulled off as far as my car would let me, it just seemed like it was being pulled or tugged on, I get out of my car, I start looking around, (like I have any idea what I'm looking for!), and find, that I have ran over and got all caught up in what looked like fish netting?? and from what I could tell, since it was dark, it was wrapped around my wheels, and my tail pipe!! YEAH!! I called my husband, he came out, and had to literally, get under my car and cut all this crap out, there must have been thousands of this crap, he took care of everything, (tho, he is not off the hook for my first day of work, by no means), he asked, "did you go off the side of the road??" answer no, this crap, was wrapped around both tires, both back axles, and tail pipe.. So I became a victim of our "high wind warning" and I was pissed off!! I am on the side of the road, there must have been over 75 cars that drove by, and none of them offered to see if I needed any help, and after my husband got there, still no one stopped, so needless to say, if your on the side of the road, I most likely won't stop anymore to see if you need help, it not like I am in the habit of doing that, but in weather like we were having, a friendly gesture would have been appreciated.

So today I am off, I go back in tomarrow, for my last orientation day, on a different unit, but for today, I am going to get caught up on some blog reading, and do some web surfing, and do a few candle orders, to ready to ship out on saturday, since I am off the weekends. So I have told you all about the last 2 days of my life, and I hope maybe you have found a little bit of humor, it took me awhile to find it, so I hope you got it right off the bat!! Happy Thursday!!



Lori @ The Downs Gang February 12, 2009 at 12:39 PM  

gosh if I had known i wouldnt have stalked you and caused you to stay up all those nights!!

Jenn February 12, 2009 at 2:55 PM  

Holy cow...you're just having a heck of a week! At least you have weekends off, so you'll get some downtime then!

WillowLakeScents February 12, 2009 at 8:39 PM  

Yeah ~ I know I'm crazy but you're crazier (wow, that didn't sound like I'm in 6th grade or anything), but anyway ~ everyone in my house is sick (& I am officially addicted to the Twilight books ~ which is pissing me off since reading them is taking up so much computer time, but i just can't seem to put the book down once I start reading ~! ughhh) So, I will get back to your email (I mean novel) shortly ! BTW ~ sorry you had such a shitty week (tell Darrell I said he better make you supper tomorrow night!).

Lori @ The Downs Gang February 13, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

He he he I am giving ya some linky love with an award and a listing in my upcoming reviews and giveaways!

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