Sunday, February 15, 2009

So, I hope everyones Valentines Day, was romantic, and so on. Mine well lets just say, I have given hubby a few ideas for next year!! Keep in mind, I bought him a card, which was VERY romantic, I also got him some of those "pop rocks" in red hot cinnamon, bedroom use ya know!! hehe. then I bought him this "romantic get away kit, complete, with the bubble bath, which he won't use, massage oil, and so on.... see where I'm going with this scenario??? Goood I'm glad some of you are getting this. My present from him, was a nice Valentines card, and get this a box of swiss cake rolls!!! can you believe it??!! I'm still in well shock!! He knows it's my favorite down-fall, but he must have ignored me all week, when I made several statements about the current diet I am on, trying to lose the weight I gained by being off work since September. Then he took me to my favorite steakhouse, which is OUTBACK, and complained that we had to wait for 50 minutes for a table. I asked him "you do realize this is Valentines Day right??"

Any-hoo, like I said, I've given suggestions for next year's Valentines Day, and I probably should leave hints for our anniversary in May, or I might end up with the cheese puffs!!

As you can see, M-D's blog, is getting a makeover!! I have contacted Jenn at the Villiage Peddler, to make my blog HOT!! and I know she will, as long as her computer doesn't die!! so bear with the changes, I am soooooooo excited, she did my header and I just about went ape sh##, I just loved it sooo much, that I emailed her and told her I wanted theh whole thing done!!

As of this week, if you order from me off my website, I just wanted to let everyone know, that I will be shipping items out, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, due to my work schedule, and shince they are 12 hour shifts, there is no way I can get to the post office. I have my schedule kinda worked out that I work Mon.& Tues. then Thurs. & Fri. and so with that in mind, please be gentle!! Trust me, I didn't want to go back to Nursing, let alone 12 hour shifts, but this facility doesn't offer 8 hour shifts for the Nursing Staff.

Today I went and bought some new shoes, my nursing shoes I bought last year, just sucked, I guess they are more made for 8 hour shifts than 12, I bought a couple of new pants, mainly because as I washed my scrubs before putting them away after I quit my job, I re-washed them, when I got this one, and instead of the oxi-clean color boost being put in the washer, the iron out was put there instead!!! All I can say, it was part of the bad week I was having a couple of weeks back!!

So i'm getting ready for Lori, the personal stalker of Heather & I, to do a review and giveaway on her blog, I have to get the item to Lori to try out to review, and that will be sent out on Wednesday, and I will let Lori handle all the details on her blog when everything is ready to go. All I know, is this crazy chic, needs to quit tagging me!!! okay she tagged me once, and then she has given me 2 awards, that I will get put on the blog, when Jenn is done with the "makeover" but, her awards wants me to pass along, to other people, which is hard, because I don't know alot of other people. But will try my best to accomodate Lori, since she was sweet enough to give me 2 awards!!

Okay, so now I am going to get supper started, the "Amazing Race" and "Cold Case" are on tv tonite, so at least until 10pm, I'll be in front of the tube!! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I'll try to blog tomarrow, as long as I am not tooo tired from those darn 12 hour shifts!!


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