I'm back!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yep I'm back! I survived those long dreadful 12 hour shifts!! All 5 days worth, note to self, never to it again!! By the time Monday came around, I was literally dead on my feet!! and spent most of my day off Tuesday sleeping!!, and miraculously, was able to be in bed that nite, by 12:30, after half a day of sleeping, so I guess, when I am tired, I'm tired!!

So I took that crazy video of Joe Jonas being extremely stupid off!! I must have been tired when I posted it, but in all honesty, it was funny at that time!

I just recieved my box from Out of The Box Sampler yesterday, and here in a little while, I'll post my reviews, if not tonite, then tomarrow, when I get home from work, I'm still going through the box, once again, Michelle did a great job!!

I was in the box this month, and I'm almost postive I signed up for July, and for August, I am the box sponsor!! whoo-hoo!! I'm STOKED!! I'm on a mission, to find something wonderful to ut in it for August, any suggestions??? I want to do a candle for the box in August, since here lately its been tarts, so I'm hoping.......

Well, off to review my box, and when I do, you'll all get the reviews!! Oh don't forget that the birthday sale, is still going on till the end of the month, 20% off your order!! What are you waiting for?? Get over to www.m-dcandles.com and look around!! and buy, buy, buy!!! lol!!

See YA!


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