Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, today I had a day off, which I spent doing nothing! well, not really nothing, I did do some laundry, and do the dishes, I also went to tan, I don't want to be lookin all pale for South Carolina in the next few weeks!! I managed to fix supper, and oh yeah, I made a mini-video!! How cool was that!?? Not long enough though, I'll have 3 days off in a row, after tomarrow, and I will work on something else, maybe re-do the one I have up there now!

So last week, was a really crappy week, work sucked, cramping started, (mother evil)! and I just couldn't wait for the week to be over, I had to work 12 hours on Easter, and it was nuts at the nursing home, so I'll be enjoying these 3 days!!

I plan on working on the website, adding some new scents, and putting things on sale, I might try to bite off more than I can chew, but, I need the challenge, and I need to get more confident, in my ability to work on my website by myself, than always contacting "support" at DIY!!

I have offered my services to a really nice lady, I am hoping she gets in touch with me, I need to be challenged more!! My life needs chaos, clutter, craziness, and all the wacky stuff!! With out that, you might not get to know the real me!! and you might just think, I am some boring person!! lol!!

Look for some changes coming from me, not real soon, I might wait for any major changes after we get back from vaction, but who knows, I may sneek some in before we leave!! I can't wait, for the sun, the sand, and the roaring of Harley Davidson's, and just relaxing with my husband, and brother & sis-in law!!

So, i'll close for tonite, I have to pack lunch for tomarrow, and get my scrubs laid out, and watch without a trace, so have a great nite, whats left of it, and i'll be back on thursday!!

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Kathryn April 17, 2009 at 8:00 PM  

Hi, Misty, nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am totally addicted to them. So you are a nurse? Toni has told me a little about you and she is happy that Darrell seems content. Does he still have the braid?? Motorcycle, huh? Tell him his crazy Aunt LOVES motorcycle rides!! And candles :) Sorry I haven't written anything new at Mad Beach Maven, but things have been kind of crazy here and I am just now getting over a case of shingles - on my face yet, yuck. Talk about painful. But they seem to be getting better now. Have fun in NC. Hi to Darrell. Take care -
Kathryn (Toni's l'il sis)

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