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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So, today, I am going to post my reviews for the Out of the Box Sampler!! I am so excited I can do this again this month!! Like I have said before, I have been a contributor since last October, and never had the chance, or extra money to buy the box, so now that I am addicted, I will be doing reviews every chance I get!! So here are my reviews, in no particular order.

SBS Teas: First off, there were 2 chocolate candies in this package, that hubby took right away, along with the Pirouline Strawberry rolled wafers, (he assured me they were very good!) but I recieved a Japanese Cherry Sachet, Tropical Cyclone Sachet, and loose leaf tea, in Maple Cream. Plus a coupon for 15% off. Thank you Very Much!!

Rhoda Rose- I recieved a chocolate covered pretzel, hubby said that was also very good!!

Meg's Creations- Two cookies, 1 was white chocolate cranberry, and the other was a snickerdoodle cookie, plus a a 10% off coupon.

Betty Mae Bakery- I recieved a sugar cookie, shaped like an Easter Egg. Hubby must have taken that one to work with him this morning, because it was gone when I woke up!!
Betty Mae Artistry- I recieved a cute Easter card. Thank you very much!!

Sweet Lolli Pop Shop- A lemon lollipop, shaped like a duck, I also noticed this was also gone this morning. Very cute.

Ugly Duckling Designs- Cinnamon Vanilla crumb tarts, packaged in a shape of a carrot. Very Cute!! I'm thinking Michelle needs to send me info on where to purchase these!! lol

Gifted Nature- I recieved a very cute candle, the scent was Buttercreme, I love Buttercreme. Thanks Alot!!

Sweet Creek Herbals- I recieved a cucumber swirl face soap, packaged nicely, and smelled great!!

Log Cabin Crafters- a very pretty necklace, and a 10% off coupon. I orignally thought it was a bookmark, and I am very grateful that this was brought to my attention, and that I was able to make it right!! Thanks a lot!

Thank You Gifts- I recieved a Aqua Tropical Starfish, and a 10% off coupon!! Smelled Great!

Kreations By Kathy- Raspberry-Lemonade mini tarts, smelled wonderful, I would have never thought to mix the two, but it works!! and a 15% off coupon.

Silicone Bulb Shop- A nice silicone bulb scented in Cinnabun, and a 10% off coupon. Thanks!!

Strawberry Fields- I recieved a Cantaloupe-Coconut soy melts, at first glance I thought what a strange combo, but when I finally got the packaged open, I was pleasantly surprised. Nice Job. I too was hoping for the carpet sprinkles again!! lol

Polka Dot Candle Shop- I recieved a Votive, in the scent Vanilla Bean, I do believe, I recieved this one last month, and because I'm not big on Vanilla, I will be giving this one to my girlfriend who helped me do the reviews from last month's box, since she took the last one!!

Rustic Candles- Chocolate-Raspberry, heart shaped tart, another strange combo, but it smelled great!!

Little Macs- Jelly Bean Tarts!! in Lemon drop, Hershey's Chocolate, Cherry, & Summer Creamsickle. I liked these a lot!! Thanks Chris & Wendy!!

Lux Spa- Pumpkin Pie/Roll Tart- WOW! Smelled AWESOME!! and a 10% off coupon. Thanks!!

Well there you have it my reviews!! These Companies are Awesome!! If you haven't had the chance to order your own box, go over to http://www.outoftheboxsampler/ and get you one for next month!! Michelle will let you all know, when they go on sale!! I won't be contributing for the month of May, since we will be leaving in a few weeks for Vacation, I didn't want to stress myself out toooo much!! But I will be buying my box before I leave for Vacation!!


Chris & Wendy April 9, 2009 at 11:26 PM  

Glad you liked them Misty. It was a pleasure to contribute again.

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