Boring ol' Sunday!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its a boring ol' Sunday here at our house!! I'm playing here on the computer, hubby is watching crappy movies!! And it is such an AWESOME day to be out doing something, other than being stuck indoors! We could be riding the bike, enjoying that, yeah, I'm a little crabby today!

We went fishing yesterday evening with friends, whoo-hoo!! can you feel the sarcasum in the air!!?? couldn't go to a river, or something like that, had to go to a pay lake, where it just so happened half of the county was already there! yeah!! memories!! and we couldn't go during the day, so I could work on my tan, we had to go at 7 in the evening, supposely fish bite better at nite, I think they do much better in the daytime! you know, that way you can actually see the fish "nibbling"on you line. I was going to take the camera, but what was the point--its dark, and even though I have night time flash, it still sucks. The best part we get home at 4 am! not fun!!

Okay, so the "birthday sale" starts tomarrow, remember to you the code "birthday" in order to recieve 20% off, and that goes the entire month of June!

So how do I feel about turning 39 tomarrow?? I feel GREAT!, I have the day off, which means I'll be home alone, peace and quiet, can actually clean, without disturbing someone on the couch who is sleeping, watching tv, or whatever!! Its actually Thursday that I'm regretting, I start a 5 day stretch of 12 hour shift! FUN FOR ME!! I picked the extra hours up, cuz hubby hasn't been working since we got back from Bike week, and of course, now that I have 10, yes I said 10 days of 12 hour shifts in 2 weeks starting with this new pay period which happens to start tomarrow, he has work lined up! The upside, this check, after doing all these 12 hour shifts, should be awesome! I normally only work, 4-7 days per pay, and 7 being if I picked up hours, I am considered part-time, which means I'm only guaranteed, 4 days a pay.

Oh well, I have nothing elase to bitch or complain about for now, but its still early, who know I may be back!!



Linda June 1, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

Happy Birthday!
Love your blog

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