Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey there everyone!! Yeah, I know it s late!! It will be alright, this will just be something you can read with your first cup of coffee, or tea, or diet coke in the morning!

Well, I was right, about yesterday, there was no way, I was getting on the computer after working yesterday!! The nursing home about kicked my butt, yesterday was my first day back since like May 6 or 7th!! I was ready to go back, until.........the residents and staff decided to be looney!! I'm not sure if there was a full moon or not (and yes, in nursing homes it does affect them!!) they were ALL NUTS!!

Needless to say, supper last night was a frozen pizza!!, and as I was watching Dateline on NBC, I fell asleep in the chair!

Vacation was nice, until mother nature decided to make her presence known, she always seem to have the worse timing!!

And if you had a chance to look at the vacation photos, first off, we were not drinking ALL the time, my husband talked to his mom the other day, and she basically asked if we were drunk our enire vacation!! In all honesty, I would have loved to stayed comfortably numb, but being in the nursing profession, I know that motrin and alcohol, is not a good combo. And anyways, my bil and I were very good when it came to drinking, my sil & hubby, well, they are the wino's!! lol.
And I only say that, because we did go to 2 winery's, and they participated and bought wine!! I personally cannot stand the taste of wine, or champange. Give me an ice cold bottle of Miller Lite, or a strawberry margarita, or strawberry daquiri, or a dozen or more jello shots (any flavor) and I'm good!!

There are a lot of exciting things to about to happen to me, and I will announce them, when the timing is right, no i'm not pregnant!! You'll just have to keep reading the blog, and find out!

Okay ya all, so don't forget, my sale starts June 1st (in honor of my 39th birthday) and will last until June 30th, the code to take advanantage of that sale is "birthday", when you use that code, you'll recieve 20% off! So keep waiting for that, it's just around the corner!!

Well, I'm going to sign off for tonite, and I'll be back sometime tomarrow!!

See Ya!


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