May Reviews for Out of The Box Sampler

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was really hoping to get my May box, before we left for Myrtle Beach, that way I could show and share it with my sister-in-law, Sharon, but it came the day after we left. And as always, Michelle done a fantastic job with the box!! So here are my reviews for May, in no particular order.

1. Heartstrings Scrapbook- I recieved a scrapbook page kit, very nice, I have never scrapbooked in my life, but I am sure I can learn. If you are a scrapbooker, maybe you can find something on her website,

2. Scrumpdillyumptious- I recieved 2 cookies, snickerdoodle and brazilian coffee, and an ol' south praline. Which were all very tasty!! (I opened them after hubby left the house!) and a 10% off coupon. To try some of these goodies,

3. Rhoda Rose- From this etailer, I received white chocolate covered pretzels, and a chocolate covered animal cracker-Wow they were AWESOME!! and NO I did not share these with hubby!! He is SOL this time around!! To try goodies from here-

4. Es'Peschelymelly- I'm not sure if I typed that correctly, so sorry if I didn't, but from this etailer I got Tangouli Dead Sea bath salts, I haven't used them yet, but I WILL!! I love soaking in the tub!! to check out this site-

5.Ugly Duckling Designs- Okay I am a little partial to this company, she is also the owner of Out of The Box Sampler, and she has a lot of amazing things on her site. I recieved 2 popable tarts, in the neatest containers, the scents were sweet pea, and beach bum, ( how fitting since I just came back from Myrtle Beach!! Oh and a coupon for BOGO on all 1oz popable tarts!!Thanks Michelle...

6.Huckleberry Hill- I received a "ducky" soap. Well it has a duck on it!! I went to their etsy shop and spent quite a while on there, (overtime is now required!!) and also recieved a 20% off coupon. to visit them go to-

7. Starstruck Cat Design- I recieved a tin soy candle in gingeroot & white tea, it smells wonderful I noticed on the warning label on the bottom that it is handpoured in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is somewhat close to where I grew up!! and I also recieved a 10% off coupon of products totaling $15 or more! How AWESOME!! to visit them-

8. Morgan Creek Botanicals- I recieved a whipped body scrubby soap, in vanilla butter cream. Very nice!! to visit this etailer--

9. The Pink Sink- I love the name of this company, I recieved from them a bar of Natural Castile Handmade soap, its un-scented, but will be used Thanks!! To visit this etailer go to--

10. Lamoon- I recieved from this etailer a sample soap scented in Buena Yerba, smells great in the package, to visit this etailer--

11.Naturally Me- First off I have a 10% off coupon, and the best part was the fizzy foot soak, (i'll be needing this, since I go back to work tomarrow) its scented in spearmint & lavender, WONDERFUL!! This place can send me all the fizzy foot soak they want, I'll NEVER COMPLAIN!! lol!! to visit them go to--

12. SWC Creations Company- I recieved lip balm, and it works!! must be in original flavor. I was on their website also and this company is into it all!! to visit them go to-

13. Norahzart- I recieved a cute little notecard, I won't use it, its toooo cute to use, so I am putting in on my fridge!! you can check out this etailer at-

14. Got Wick?? No its not a question, it s a company!! lol. (couldn't resist!) They are also into it all!! I recieved lotion in butterflies type, a sample soap in charmed, (which is my favorite re-run to watch on TNT) and a bath fizzy in lilac. Did I mention I am a sucker for foot soaks, and bath salts and fizzy's?? and a 20% off of $20 or more! SO COOL!! to visit this etailer--

15. Kat"s Soylicious Scents- UMMMMM YummmmY!!!! I recieved a bag of orange sherbert tarts!! Very nice!! to visit this etailer- go to-

Well, there you have it, my reviews!! Please go and visit these etailers, don't waste your time going to the mall, visit these guys, they will treat ya right, and you would probably be getting a better product than you would at the mall!!

On a different note, I am back in the box for June, I took May off because of vacation, and when you recieve your items from me there will be a 20% off coupon, just use the code "birthday" my sale starts June 1 (my birthday) and ends June 30th. You don't have to get the box to take advantage of the sale, that's why I just told you about here!! What better way to celebrate my 39th birthday, than to have a sale that last the entire month!!

Well, thats it for now, I am officially caught up from being gone, I think!!?? I will try to post tomarrow, but don't count on it, 1st day back to work, I may come home and go to bed, providing I don't have to cook!! lol



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