So Frustrated!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes, you read the title right, I am soooooo frustrated!! I was so pleased with my new purchase of wax I recently bought, the tarts look good, I was pleased with the nice finish on it, until........ I tested it with votives!! I still had to put them in the freezer, which was no big deal, but once they came out, and I got to looking, every one of those votives were cracked!!

Needless to say, I will be using my palm wax, until I find another solution. I'll keep trying new waxes. until I have the look I want. But it is darn aggravating. Yep..... VACATION cannot come soon enough!! I wish we were leaving today rather than Friday!!

I ordered my Box from Out Of the box Sampler, did you get yours?? I communicated with Michelle a few hours ago, and there weren't very many boxes left.... So I hope you were all able to order one. You won't be disappointed!! Though, my box may not be going on vacation with me, which means all my reviews will have to wait, the plan was to take it with me, and do my reviews while on vacation, the first couple of days it is calling for rain, so that would be a perfect time....oh well!!

Looking forward to being back in the box next month, and hopefully being able to send in jar samples this time instead of tarts. we'll see though.. Never know what you'll end up with!!

Well I have a few errands to run before I forget about them, so I'll chat at you later!!



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