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Friday, May 1, 2009

Okay, yeah, I know I have been away from the computer lately, and haven't been posting, but I have had some computer issues since my last post!! I hate, not knowing how I can screw up a computer so easily. But I'm back for a few days, cuz ya all know, I'll be leaving Friday, May 8th, for warmer, sunny weather!! Yep!! I'll be in Myrtle Beach as of Saturday May 9th!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

I am in need of a vacation!! I have been waiting soooooo long, I was in need of a vacation after we returned from Florida in October!! I need to clear my head, I need to do a lot of soul-searching, for what exactly who knows, and who cares, the Beach is calling my name!!

We will be there with my bil & sil, for Bike week!! The sound of Harley's, there is nothing more sweet!! and yes, our hotel is still in tact, and standing, as you may of heard of the wildfires in south carolina, yeah, around the barefoot resort area, that is where we actually stayed last year!! But my sil, called our hotel, which is the "sheraton plantation" and we are good!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

Well, I bought new wax, for my votives, tarts, pillars, and so on, so no more feather look for those items. At first, I was freaking out, cuz I couldn't get the darn things to pop out, and I had tarts to take to work for some orders I recieved, (I didn't have enough pillar to fill the orders) so I had to use the new wax, but, I put them in the freezer, for about 5 minutes, and they popped right out, I was actually sweatin for a few moments. And I like the look, and they seem to hold the scent, I had extra tarts from those orders, and popped 2 in my burner, that was like 5 days ago, and they still smell like I had them for an hour, so that is a very good sign.

Well, I have to work tomarrow, but I'll be off Sunday and Monday, then I work Tuesday, and then I'm done until I come back from vacation, it will be nice, it seems like since I went back to work in February, thats all I seem to do, and have time for, eat sleep, work!! The gals at the nursing home are keeping me hopping with orders, and thats okay, I'd rather make candles, than be at work ANYDAY!!! But, with things being slow, I have to work, some days, I wish it wasn't 12 hour shifts!

Well, enough for now, I think I have updated pretty much all I can at this point, Oh, I don't have pictures yet of the new look of the votives, tarts, etc. I keep forgetting to get batteries for the camera, which I have to get before next week!!

ALSO!!! I about forgot------- Out of the Box Sampler boxes go on sale, May 6th!! I am getting one again, I am totally addicted!!, hopefully, I can get it before the 8th, but that would really be asking alot of Michelle, but I'd love to have it to take on vaction, and show my sil, and have her help me do a review!! I know she would love it!!

Okay Gotta Go!!

See YA!!


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