Been Busy!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The last few weeks I have been busy with work and spending time with my son, since he has been here visiting, I will get to see him this next weekend and other family whenI go back to Indiana for a family reunion! YESSSSS! the dreaded family reunion's! lol...Wouldn't be so bad if my cousins who are around my age would be there, but mostly, its just gonna be the older generation, and my brother and his wife and daughter, and my sister & her husband and their 3 kids!! YIPPIE!!! Don't figure they would mind if we brought a cooler of beer to get through the day?? (not hardly, they are all RELIGIOUS!!, guess I'll stick with my diet coke!)

And the past few weeks also, I have been busy getting all my samples ready for the Out of the Box Sampler, and Michelle has been having a contest for July, and that has made me very busy! I'm in no way complaining, I'd rather be making candles, then working at the nursing home, its just right now, the nursing home pays a little bit better! lol Isn't that the way it always works?? The stuff you would rather be doing is so far out of reach, and the stuff the you really wish you weren't doing is the only thing thats is reach! dang it all to ####!!!

So we were planning on having a little get together with friends for Goof's birthday, (which the little fart had the nerve to turn 17 TODAY!! OMG!!), but he decided he didn't really want a party, he just wanted us to take him out to eat, which I was cool with that idea too, maybe go bowling, I'd like to go to the Cheesecake Factory, of course not to eat, but to get cheesecake!! They have the Turtle Cheesecake which is my favorite, I always wish I had enough money to buy the whole damn thing, but it would be gone in less than a day, I would rather eat that than regular food!! I KNOW!!! i'm a pig when it comes to cheesecake!

So I think I told you about my 20 year class reunion coming up in September?? (yeah, i'm talking about eating a whole thing of freaking turtle cheesecake!), I'm getting a little excited, not to much though, its been almost 20 years since I have seen some of them, I hope we all don't have expectations that we all look the same as we did in high school, if thats the case, I'm about 50lbs heavier!! thats bad, maybe it would have looked so bad wrote down, if I had stated 50 in 40 years!! lmao!

Oh well, we are waiting for goof to take a shower, so we can go eat, (he's texting his woman!) the only time I have had my phone in my hand, is when I have been at work, he normally gives it back, AFTER the battery is about dead!! I'll try to take pictures tonite, the word be TRY!! he's a booger about getting his picture taken, not a booger, but a real pain in the rear, he ALWAYS does something stupid to ruin a perfectly good picture, if he pulls that crap, I'll post all pictures to show you all what I go through!! lol

Well, I'm off and running to get his butt in gear!! Have a good weekend!!



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