June Out of The Box Sampler Reviews

Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay, I'm a little late with getting my reviews out for the Sampler Box, but I have been working a lot more here lately at the nursing home, and its hard to get to the post office, when they close at 4 and I don't get off work till 7:15,, and that is on an extremely good day!! So below you will find my reviews, in no particular order:

1. Ugly Duckling Designs- A fudge brownie cake bite tart, it was so real looking, I almost ate it!! It smells wonderful!!

2. Stephanie's Serenity- I recieved a tart, the scent was "beach daisies" smells wonderful on cold throw, and bet it will smell wonderful, when I put it in my tart burner!

3. Strawberry Fields- I recieved a Blueberry Patch potpourri (i'm pretty sure I just misspelled that!) It was a nice size sample, and I could smell the blueberry through the bag!

4. Pure Body- I recieved a whipped gentle scrub, I can't wait to use this!

5. Luxspa- I recieved a soy tart in the scent "heaven" and 10% off coupon on my next purchase.

6. Tuxedo Enterprises- I recieved a nice size soap sample in the scent "rain" with free shipping on an order over $30.00 or more.

7. PurBliss- I recieved a candle in the scent "bupcake bliss" and it smelled great!

8. Rhoda Rose- I love getting samples from her!! I recieved a chocolate covered pretzel, and a white chocolate pretzel, and a Marshmellow treat on a stick, all of it was awesome!!

9.Cindysoylites- I haven't decided if what I recieved was a really tall votive, or a small pillar candle, I went to her website, but couldn't really tell, regardless, its a nice size sample, I couldn't tell what the scent was, and there was nothing on there saying what the scent was.

10. Rose Valley- I recieved a nice size sample of lemon-lime soap, and if I mention OOTB at checkout I get free shipping on all orders of $15 or more.

11. SWC Creations- I received a sample soap, in bananna coconut, I couldn't really smell it though.

12. Avendel Bath & Body- I recieved a VERY generous sample of "body polish" in lemongrass sage, to polish this body I would definatly need more!! lol

13 Monkey Tree Creations- a dryer bag, in lavender, this is pretty cool, and 25% off any purchase until July 09.

Well, thats what I recieved this month, and I'm pretty satisfied with everything I recieved. The Etailers who contribute to the Out of The Box Sampler, really aim to please, to potential buyers, and so you always know you are getting a great product each month!! And as always, Michelle does an awesome job at putting these boxes together and getting them shipped out. So until next months reviews, head on over to http://www.outoftheboxsampler.com/ and go to "who's in the box" and visit these fine etailers!!


Cindy Dwyer June 18, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

Hi! I'm Cindy from Cindysoylites. I'm glad you like my sample candles. Just to clarify, the candles I sent to "Out of the box" are unscented 3" pillars. I should have marked them as unscented however I did attach a scent list on the July samples.
Have a Peaceful Day

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